The Most Fun Things To Do in Liverpool for All Ages

Looking for some fun things to do in Liverpool? Well, you’re in luck – this beautiful city is filled with a selection of the most fabulous activities, everybody can enjoy.

From daring rides on the famous big wheel, to meeting a few creepy-crawlies up close, or taking a trip on the iconic Mersey Ferry.

What can families do in Liverpool?

One of the biggest selling points of Liverpool is that there is so much on offer perfect for the entire family! Famous for its rich culture and history, Liverpool offers families of all shapes and sizes something great to do, all-year-round!

Fancy getting active or prefer to enjoy a slow-paced day? Whatever your preferences may be, Liverpool is sure to deliver, and our collection of 10 activities is proof of just how versatile the city is!

What can you do in Liverpool for free?

A grand day out with the family doesn’t always have to mean huge amounts of money being spent, and Liverpool is a perfect example of a city which offers it all! Whether you’re working to a tight budget or want a free day out, Liverpool is awash with parks, museums and landmarks that cos nothing to visit and can provide hours of enjoyment for you and your family!

The best bit is that if you decide to spend a little money, you are spoilt for choice with cheap, affordable places to grab a drink or a quick bite to eat!

Here’s our selection of fun things to do in Liverpool for all ages, plus a few seasonally appropriate events at the end, if your visit coincides with the Christmas period!

1. Hop on the Big Wheel of Liverpool

Soar high above the city and enjoy a bird’s eye view of Liverpool from a pod on the Big Wheel.

With 42 enclosed capsules, the Wheel of Liverpool offers breathtaking views of the city’s famous waterfront, the River Mersey and the Wirral from 60 metres up. Each capsule has a glass floor, luxury leather interior and 360-degree views.


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On clear days you can even see the distant Welsh mountains!

One of the most daring and fun things to do in Liverpool, the Big Wheel is an experience that shouldn’t be missed on your visit to the city.

£10 a ticket (£6.50 for children)

2. Get a Taste of the American Dream

Let us entertain you while you eat at the UK’s only singing waiter diner in a magical, musical experience unlike any other at Mulholland Singing Diner.


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Enjoy a slice of the American dream as you snack on diner-style food and million-dollar milkshakes, while our singing waiters dazzle you with live performances of all your favourite sing-along songs.

Kids will love Disney Brunch Sundays and musical movie enthusiasts will be blown away by a soundtrack of sparkling show tunes.

You’ll be singing along, tapping your toes and shaking your jazz hands in no time, as this amazing musical experience brings a sprinkle of stardust to your Liverpool visit.

3. Time to Get Wet and Wild at Adventure Dock

Challenge your kids to the bounciest race in Liverpool with the city’s wettest outdoor attraction.

As far as fun things to do in Liverpool go, Adventure Dock has all the ingredients for an unforgettable day out in the city.


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Don your wetsuits for a day out with a difference. Clamber over the giant inflatable obstacle courses and explore free-fall slides, trampolines and rafts as you bounce, splash and slide around this crazy floating obstacle course.

Open to everyone above the age of eight, tickets are £20 per person or get a discount for larger groups and get ready for an exciting Adventure on the Dock, available to book now.

4. Enjoy the Outdoors in Otterspool Park

There are plenty of parks to choose from in Liverpool – but nothing quite compares to Otterspool Park when it comes to spending a day outdoors.

Enjoy taking in the fresh air and fantastic riverside views as you walk through this beautiful space.


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A fantastic playground offers everything from swings and see-saws to climbing nets and spinning dishes, ideal if you have younger ones with you or are still a big kid yourself. Better still, you can look forward to a sweet treat and hot drinks too, in Otters Cafe at the end of your walk.

If you are still stuck for more fun things to do in Liverpool then check out the Otterspool Adventure Centre. There’s an incredible outdoor play area, mini quad bike race course, giant bouncing pillow and an opportunity to practise a bit of construction on their mini Volvo diggers!

5. Jump Onboard the Mersey Ferry

Take a Ferry ‘cross the Mersey… and sing-along to the well know tune whilst bobbing on the waters of the UK’s most famous river.

A group trip to Liverpool wouldn’t be complete without catching a ride on the Mersey Ferry. An iconic piece of Liverpool’s history made world-famous by Gerry and the Pacemakers, this gentle (slightly windy) ride up the Mersey will take you sailing past the best of Liverpool’s landmarks and waterfront sights.


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Take in breathtaking vistas of the city’s waterfront, and make the most of endless opportunities to learn more about the city’s maritime and musical past.

A Mersey Ferry ride is the perfect way to get a feel for Liverpool’s seafaring history. And if you’ve got time on your hands, why not stop off over the water for a look around the Spaceport in Wallasey or the U-Boat experience at Birkenhead?

6. Everything You Need to Know About Liverpool All Under One Roof

One of the city’s most controversial waterfront building’s, the Museum of Liverpool invites visitors to learn more about the city’s interesting history and explore what’s happening now in the present.


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Get educated on how the port, the people and the history of Liverpool have shaped the city we know and love today. Kids will love taking part in the ‘Little Liverpool’ section designed for those under the age of 6, while big kids (and adults) will enjoy more interactive parts of the museum and exhibitions.

A day out at the Museum of Liverpool is one of the most educational and fun things to do in Liverpool for any age group and better still, its free!

7. Explore Beatles Homeland at The Beatles Story

Find out all about Liverpool’s most famous sons, and introduce your family to music that changed the world at The Beatles Story.

Learn how four lads from Liverpool became the biggest band in the world and discover the favourite haunts and hangouts made famous by their iconic albums.


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Explore opportunities to dress up and take a peek behind the scenes of the famous Abbey Road Studios, or embark on a simulated underwater trip on the Yellow Submarine.

The Beatles Story is one of the biggest and most fun things to do in Liverpool that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Tickets start at £16.95 for adults with options to add a discount for family groups. 

8. Get Up Close & Personal with Creepy-Crawlies

Whether you are into dinosaurs, creepy-crawlies or the Egyptians, the World Museum will cater to the weird and wonderful interests of all ages.

This fabulous museum covers all walks of life, from their incredible aquarium to their insect zoo, plus loads of ancient and natural history thrown in (and a bit of deep space on the top floor).

The curators are always on hand and happy to share their in-depth knowledge of specialist subjects. All the exhibits and displays are aimed at younger audiences, great for keeping inquisitive minds occupied on rainy days in the city.

Keep an eye out for the historic totem pole in the foyer – it’s pretty famous!

9. Visit One of Liverpool’s World-Famous Football Clubs

Get any young fan excited by arranging a tailored tour of one of Liverpool’s famous football clubs.

Whether you’re a red or a blue (or support someone else), there’s nothing like getting behind the scenes to check out what goes on in some of the most well-known footie stadiums in the world.


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Enjoy a tour at LFC to visit the dressing rooms, touch the famous This is Anfield sign and take a spine-tingling walk down the Player’s Tunnel.

You could even make your way to the Red’s rivals at Goodison Park to find out what happens in the Dixie Dean suite on a match day or stand on the touchline like a real team manager.


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Whichever team takes your fancy, all the family will get to understand the importance of football to the city and how the rich sporting heritage has helped shape the Scouse outlook on life.

10. Book a Round of Ghetto Golf

Not the usual 18 holes of monotony, Ghetto Golf is crazy golf with a twist (and a few bends).

Pick up your clubs, balls and cocktails upon entry then make your way around the cavernous warehouse that’s now home to a series of difficult golf obstacles and impossible putts.


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You’ll be faced with putting in Nanna’s Living Room, pulling off toilet trick shots and navigating your way through an abandoned caravan. All the while enjoying a tasty cocktail and toe-tapping soundtrack of hip-hop hits.

Tickets start at £10.00 per player, with packages available to book for arrival drinks and in-play shots. Age restrictions are 18+ 

11. Summon Your Inner Rambo

Big or small, boys or girls, everyone likes to shoot their friends with paintballs or Nerf bullets. Sadly as you get older, the chances to do so get less and less.


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Luckily we’ve come across a haven where the paintballs and Nerf bullets fly free across a huge warehouse on the outskirts of Liverpool city centre at Ultimate Indoor Paintball and Nerf Centre.

Either book as a group or send the kids in on their own and watch the carnage unfold.

Prices start at £20 per person and discounts apply for larger groups. 

12. Join in a Liverpool Quiz

If there’s one thing you can pretty much guarantee will always be among the most fun things to do in Liverpool it’s a themed pub quiz.

Check out our guide to the best Liverpool quizzes in town.

There are tonnes of venues dotted all over the city centre that organise exciting quizzes, testing a range of topical knowledge.

From films to music and any pop-culture trend, Liverpool’s quizzes are one of the city’s greatest attractions and one you need to get involved in on your visit.

13. Have Your Cake and Eat It

Wouldn’t you love a meal where you can skip the starter and main course and dive straight in for something sweet?

At, Moonlight Desserts, you can have a full three-course cake based meal and finish things off with icecream, just to change it up a bit.

Choose from a huge menu of ice cream sundaes, candy-coated bubble waffles and an endless list of scrumptious cakes and puddings.

For those with a sweet tooth, a visit to Moonlight Desserts is one of the most fun things to do in Liverpool when it comes to treating your tummy.

14. Have a Heavenly Sunday Lunch

We all love a Sunday roast dinner but what if you could sit down to a Sunday lunch in Liverpool with a live soundtrack provided by a Gospel Choir?

Better still, what if it all took place in a converted Catholic church?

At Alma de Cuba their Gospel Sunday Lunchs are the stuff of legend, ideal for those looking for fun things to do in Liverpool that are different from the norm.

Sit down to a delicious meal and a fantastic afternoon filled with the sound of live gospel music.

15. Try Tickling the Ivories

Fancy yourself a regular maestro? Well in Liverpool, you’ll have the chance to perform on the piano live in front of a city-size audience.


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Simply plonk yourself down at any of the three pianos found in prime locations all over the city centre and get going.

Unleash your musical gifts for the whole city to hear.

16. Explore the Williamson Tunnels

Built over two hundred years ago and discovered only 25 years ago, the Williamson Tunnels are a sight to behold.

Nestled under the streets of the Georgian Quarter, the tunnels form a connected network of vaults and caverns that were constructed for an unknown purpose.


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Today underground parties, ghost walks and tours are hosted in the excavated sections and the buried ancient phenomenon has gained much speculation as to why they were created.

The most popular theories include underground smuggling, Williamson’s plans to form an underground society when the world ended and, our favourite, a way for Williamson to give money to the poor by employing them on a meaningless project.

Tickets are £4.00 per adult, £3.00 per child and a family ticket for five costs £14.00.

17. Eat Halloumi Fries

Still going strong, the humble Halloumi fry is a table staple in the bars and clubs of Liverpool.

And why wouldn’t it be?


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Sample the delicately flavoured fried cheese smothered in a variety of tasty toppings, served in simple cardboard containers at Hafla Hafla, in the Baltic Market.

Whilst you are there why not check out all the other wonderful food and drink on offer in the area. 

18. Join the Peaky Blinders

Initiate yourself, temporarily, into the Peaky Blinders by paying a visit to the bar of the same name nestled in the heart of Cains Brewery.

Find yourself surrounded by gangs of guys dressed in dapper suits, braces and flat caps and gals fancy dressed as flappers and molls.


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The bar itself is spacious and packed with brilliant booze, some even brewed on-site in true Peaky Blinders style. On occasion, there’s been a spot of live music on too.

It’s well worth a visit and up there among the most fun things to do in Liverpool, even if you haven’t watched the show.

19. Try and Breakout Liverpool

Put your problem-solving skills to the test and book one of the most fun things to do in Liverpool for the whole family.


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Try and keep your cool as you are faced with a series of tasks which, when passed will let you escape the breakout room.

Choose from bank vaults, cursed carnivals, pirate and western themes and many more exciting escape backdrops for your family’s breakout scenario.

20. Play Ball at Roxy Ball Room

Get stuck into every ball game imaginable under one roof of the Roxy Ballroom.


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Play everything from pool and ping pong to 9 holes of mini-golf and 10 pin bowling, it’s a ball game free for all.

Under 18’s are welcome before 5 pm and there’s plenty of snacks, treats and tasty drinks to enjoy before, after or during your playtime.

Bookings can be made hourly per sport and can include a variety of pre-booked food and drink packages to suit your parties needs. 

21. Sit Down at Cinema on the Dock

New in 2019, organisers at Independent Liverpool and Albert Dock are introducing a one of a kind movie concept for summer; a floating cinema on the dock.

Screening all the best family-friendly favourites including Jumanji, Mamma Mia and the Goonies.

The fabulous food establishments based all along the waterfront will be serving movie-goers snacks and drinks, making this one of the greatest things to do in Liverpool this summer.

22. Visit Awesome Walls Climbing Centre

Got yourself a little troop of monkey’s to entertain?

Instead of having you climbing the walls at home why not let them loose at Awesome Walls where they can scramble up all sorts of surfaces in a safe and fun environment.


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There are kids club sessions available for those just starting out and parties bookable including lessons and a private party room for afters.

Prices are competitive and you’ll be able to relax knowing your little monkeys are in the safest of hands at Awesome Walls.

23. Take a Trip to the Theatre

A visit to Liverpool’s theatres has always been one of the most fun things to do when in the city as their calendars are always stacked with plays and performances of all varieties.


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Check out what’s on during your visit and book tickets to see the latest progressive performances at The Unity Theatre or a musical marvel at The Empire.

There’s something on stage for all ages, all year round in all of Liverpool’s top city centre theatres. Simply pick your play and book tickets to enjoy an amazing performance on your visit.

24. Play in The Park

Just outside the city in the leafy suburbs of Liverpool, Sefton Park lies in wait.

Home to many of Liverpool’s annual festivals this breathtaking outdoor space welcomes people on picnics, walkers, runners and those attending a long list of exciting events that take place throughout the year.


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Why not pay a visit to Sefton Park Palm House where there are plenty of fun things to do in Liverpool such as pop up cafes, life drawing classes, live music and pirate parties.

Any age, any day, there’s something happening for everyone to enjoy at Sefton Park.

25. Explore Western Approaches HQ

Take some time to discover the past inside a fully retained and original war bunker at Western Approaches HQ.


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Walk around a WWII bunker and see the war room, the communications station and learn all about life in Liverpool at the time of the Second World War.

During the year, Western Approaches HQ organises some fun and exciting interactive events which allow visitors to enjoy the science behind espionage and come face to face with real live actors.

Step back in time and pay a visit to Western Approaches HQ during your visit to Liverpool.

26. Watch the Sky Light Up for River of Light

Every year when Guy Fawkes Night rolls around, there’s only one place to be in Liverpool and that’s down by the river or in Carpathia’s Champagne Bar and Restaurant.


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Pushing out the boat literally, organisers fill a pontoon with fireworks and put on a spectacular firework display on both sides of the Mersey.

There are fun activities afoot including live musical and theatrical performances making Liverpool the perfect place to light up your Bonfire night.

27. Be There for The Big L1 Christmas Switch On

Another annual smash hit that everyone in Liverpool looks forward to each year, the Liverpool One Christmas switch on.


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The streets of the city come alive with festive cheer, and fill up with crowds as far as the eye can see to watch the huge Christmas tree in the city centre lights up for the season.

There’s always live music and plenty of fun and games before the countdown, plus its the perfect chance to check out the Liverpool Christmas Markets after they light up the tree.

28. Sit Down to Sunday Lunch With Santa

Instead of standing in mile-long queues with your tiny people this year, why not book seats to enjoy a Sunday Lunch with Santa at 30 James Street?

Sunday Lunch with Santa - fun things to do in Liverpool

This way you and the kids can fill up on fabulous festive food, enjoy lots of lovely live entertainment and come away with special presents for the kids and full bellies at the end of it all.

Everyone’s a winner when you book Sunday Lunch with Santa at 30 James Street – Home of the Titanic and its one of the most fun things to do in Liverpool during the festive season.

30. Book to Stay at Signature Living

Enjoy a unique stay in Liverpool’s most popular group accommodation with Signature Living. Offering eclectic suites in city-centre locations, our incredible spacious rooms provide opportunities for everyone to stay together on a city break unlike any other.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of things to do in Liverpool for all age groups and can’t wait to welcome you to this beautiful city. Book now by calling our team today on 0151 459 4101.

While you’re in the city, why not enjoy one of the best walks near Liverpool? Our guide will help you all enjoy a perfect day outdoors exploring the city and its surroundings. 

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