10 Things You’ll See at Aintree Grand National

At Signature Living, we’re already looking forward to Aintree Grand National 2019 starting. At Signature Living, we get involved in the fun every year, with special offers for race goers and unmissable events to mark the occasion.

Our fabulous Aintree Grand National offers and events will be released soon so racegoers can book their stay, and we cannot wait for the city to be filled with that familiar electric atmosphere that the races bring to Liverpool each year.

There are 10 things you are guaranteed to come across during Aintree Grand National weekend without which, a day at the races just wouldn’t be the same.

#1 Champagne in a Bag

The first time you are handed your Moet & Chandon in a handy plastic cooler bag must be akin to the feeling of having seen the first wheel roll by.

For too long racegoers were expected to hold their Champers and balance a teeny-tiny handbag, a plastic champagne flute and maybe even their shoes by the end of the day, in the other.

Then there was always the inevitable heating of the bottle as you tucked it under your arm to pour. Or when it was slowly boiled by the rare British sunshine which occasionally blesses Aintree’s Grand National, bringing it to an undrinkable temperature.

Then came the answer, in the form of the perfect cool bag companion, complete with a handle and plenty of ice to keep that bottle of bubbly safe and cold no matter what the weather.

#2 Headgear of all Shapes and Sizes

On ladies day at Aintree Grand National be prepared to see a whole new meaning of the word ‘hat’. The most fashionable of females will don everything from artfully crafted fascinators to headwear that basically has its own orbit.

There are always hats to grab attention and some that simply defy convention, but we love and admire every ensemble in its own individual way.

A nod to Liverpool city and all its wonderful heritage is always well received. The name of the game is to make a statement whilst still looking chic and on trend. Very few can pull such a fashion feat off but the ladies of Liverpool nail it every time at Aintree Grand National.

#3 Horsey Headed Stags

It’s not all about the ladies headwear at Aintree Grand National. Stag parties in Liverpool also attend to enjoy their day at the races and can bring with them some peculiar examples of millinery.

Thanks to the strict dress code, the more risque stag party fancy dress ideas are kept at bay. This keeps Aintree Grand National a classy affair but you are certain to spot the odd horse head or two, perched atop a sharply suited gent out celebrating his stag party in style.

#4 Silly Suits

The rules for race day are simple: dress well, make smart choices and have a ball. Ladies, it’s time to put on your best frock and guys, only a clean cut tailored suit will do.

Some take the rules and stick to them rigidly whereas others bend the rules slightly to fit their own fashion tastes and styles.

Whilst it’s not always appreciated, you have simply got to love a silly suit and let’s face it tailoring like this certainly makes you stand out from the crowd.

#5 Fabulous Fashion

There’s an awful lot of bad press that comes from Aintree, from some of our least favourite news outlets in particular. Still, we at Signature Living know that the ladies and gents of Aintree pull out all the stops when it comes to dressing for Aintree Grand National.

Expect to see nothing but the sleekest of coordinated, high fashion outfits from both the guys and the girls.

These style stakes are high so, pull up your socks to be in with a chance of competing with Liverpool’s Aintree Grand National racegoers.


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These ladies show the world how elegance and style dominate Aintree Grand National and also how to coordinate outfits like pros.


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It’s not all knickers and bums as some would have you believe, but instead, a fun day out and an institution of Liverpool’s national heritage, a chance to show the world just how stylish Liverpool really is.

Here come the boys, dressed to impress and upholding the stylish side of the Grand National.

#6 Dancing with the Law

God bless the girls and boys in blue for watching over us at the most high profile of events. It’s such a shame that they rarely get to enjoy such occasions, having to keep their wits about them at all times.

At Aintree Grand National, however, it’s practically written into law that you must have a dance with the nearest bobby on the beat.

They are people too and it’s not often they’ll get the opportunity to shake a tail feather whilst on the clock!

#7 Hen Parties Everywhere

There’s no better way to celebrate your hen do than in Liverpool. The UK’s number one nightlife city guarantees a great party night out and plenty to keep the girls entertained.

During Aintree Grand National, hen parties come in their hundreds to enjoy a day at the races, so expect to see at least one or two gaggles of girls gathered at Aintree, celebrating their last days of freedom in style.

#8 Crabbies Flip Flops

It simply cannot be helped…after wearing the highest of heels for hours on end, bouncing up and down as your horse nears the finish line, feet are going to need some respite.

Thanks to organisers at Crabbies, the previous hosts of Aintree Grand National, those with sore feet could swap their Jimmy Choos for a pair of all foamy flip-flops instead of braving things barefoot.

Better still the spring-like colour paired well with almost every outfit colour trend. We’ll expect to see a few pairs of official Randox Health flip-flops appear towards the end of the day at this years Aintree Grand National too.

#9 Coleen Rooney

That’s right, Mrs Rooney rarely misses the opportunity to strut her stuff at Aintree, these are just a few examples of how she comes out on top of the fashion files after attending Aintree Grand National.

From the simple days when she was Miss McCloughlin to the present style queen that we know and love today, Coleen is definitely on the cards to be spotted at Aintree Grand National, from now until the end of time.

And she always looks amazing.

#10 Ponchos

Even though we pray for warm weather, as soon as British Summertime officially begins it’s rare that we’ll actually get sunshine when we want it.

At Aintree Grand National, the Great British weather cannot dampen the mood however it can dampen immaculate hair, make-up and outfits so the faithful plastic poncho is likely to make an appearance.

Thankfully they are see-through so all that hard work and effort that goes into planning your ensemble won’t be wasted.

If you are planning on attending Aintree Grand National this April, make sure you are staying in style at Signature Living.

Our Aintree Grand National offers will be released soon and are always beyond brilliant for groups of guys or girls hoping to enjoy a day at the ponies.

We have the best group accommodation in the city from our fabulous serviced apartments to unique themed party hotel rooms plus our central locations make getting to and from Aintree simple.

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Better still, when the racecourse closes, all the best bars and clubs of Liverpool have a promising night in store. With a huge selection of fabulous after parties, and special club nights all perfect for spending your hard-earned winnings.

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