6 Stupid Stag Do Activities in Liverpool

Boys will be boys, and we all know they can get up to the silliest of things when left to their own devices. At Signature Living, we thought we’d take a peek and see what stag do activities in Liverpool there are, for those who fancy doing something a bit bold, a tad daring and well…utterly stupid if we’re honest.

Here are 6 very stupid stag do activities in Liverpool, to have a go at on your stag weekend with Signature Living.

#1 Electric Shock Football

Yep, you read that right, E-L-E-C-T-R-I-C shock football.

You and the boys will be fitted with shock collars, and take to the pitch in a classic five a side match, only there’s a shocking difference.

The facilitator will be the one who decides who gets shocked and when. Taking matters into their own hands, a facilitator can shock a player who is taking dives, a ref that’s made a poor decision, even a player hogging the ball.

There’s no telling who will be shocked, when they will be shocked or how often and by the end of the match, everyone will have had a blast…literally.

Book at participating companies across Liverpool, simply search the term and find your nearest venue.

#2 Book Free Running lessons

A sport (if you can call it that) making the city skylines and urban landscapes its arena, Free Running is something to be taken on by the brave and fearless.

If you think that’s you and your lads, then book a free running lesson with Airborn Academy.  Start your journey towards jauntily, jogging across rooftops of the city’s you visit or live in.

Be like Spiderman, Dare Devil and all those would-be superheroes before you, or simply have a laugh with the lads as you watch them attempt to scale obstacles and dismount gracefully.

#3 Become a Gladiator for the Day

The most stupid stag do activities in Liverpool now involve Toga and goat milking, at The Roman’s Gladiatorial Games.

Get ready to travel back in time, to an age when all things were settled in the arena.

Pop on your Roman-style outfits and war paint then face off in a series of challenges, including goat milking, jousting, dung collecting and Roman boxing.

There’s an onsite bar to keep you and the boys on good form, and plenty of photo ops with warrior women, Emperors and gladiators, that walk around among you.

Better still tickets start at just £39.50 a head or you can book our Ultimate Boys Weekend Package which includes entrance to The Romans, meals and accommodation.

#4 Archers Ready!

For this next activity, channel your inner Robin Hood as you begin a battle using ancient weaponry at Spartacus Combat Archery.

Spartacus Combat Archery - stupid stag do activities

You and the guys will be challenged in competitive team games like capture the flag and tag archery. Both of which involve you shooting foam tipped arrows at each other, from state of the art bows.

No bleeding or impaling involved but plenty of bruising we’d wager.

#5 Like Ducks to Water

Time to squeeze into your wetsuits lads and take the plunge at Liverpool Watersports centre where you and your stag party can enjoy a whole host of waterbased stag do activities.

Liverpool Watersports centre
Credit: @Liverpool-Watersport-Centre-Merseysport – Facebook

Choose from one and two hour sessions including powerboat rides, paddle boarding and have a go on the Inflatable Aquapark.

Not for the wet lettuces among you, these are some seriously stupid stag do activities that’ll leave you refreshed and rejuvenated.

#6 Take on a Liverpool Food Challenge

Man Vs Food is something that has conquered social media since its inception.

Who can take on the challenge of eating a burger the size of Britain, or putting away as many pizzas as possible?

Try your hand and stomach at these top 4 food challenges when looking for stupid stag do activities in Liverpool.

Patterson’s 15 Wing Challenge

15 wings may be a snack to most mere mortals.

At Patterson’s, the challenge is getting through all of them after they’ve been coated in homemade Exorcist Hot Sauce.

Known to melt the face off even the most hardened spicy palettes, this sauce is a far cry from a splash of Siracha.

In under 10 minutes, the challenger must eat them all, after signing a health disclaimer and, if they succeed, the meal is on the house.

Salt Dog Slims Atomic Dog

Another for those who think they can handle the heat, the Atomic Dog at Salt Dog Slims has been known to cause lasting pain for those that eat it.

This too is a meal that should come with a disclaimer, due to the ferocity of flavour the eater is about to endure.

Don’t take the Atomic Dog on if you enjoy spicy food, take it on if you are insane and always up for a challenge.

Uncle Sam’s Monster Burger Challenge

When you see Uncle Sam’s Monster Burger, you can understand where the term “Bin Lid” comes from.

The folk at Sam’s serve a 1kg burger patty topped with cheese, bacon, ketchup, fries, and onion rings, all served in a bun the size of an old skool bin-lid.

This challenge is like climbing a mammoth food mountain, but it can be done. As proven by the current record holder, who completed the feat in 14 minutes and 52 seconds.

The limit is set at 1 hour, so there’s plenty of time and if this guy can do it in under 15 minutes, then you guys should have no problem.

Sunday Slice Challenge at Santa Maluco

The chefs at Santa Maluco certainly know how to pop out some of the most perfect pizzas in Liverpool, and on special occasions, they whip up some amazingly unique toppings.

Head down there on any given Sunday, between 3 pm and 5 pm, and they’ll let you partake in the Sunday Slice Challenge.

All you have to do is eat pizza…and keep on eating…a little more and you may beat the record, a whopping 15 slices in one sitting!

You pull that off and your pizza feast is free.

Add any one of these gastronomic challenges are on your to-do list of stupid stag do activities in Liverpool, and come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough.

Booking Your Stag Party with Signature Living

That’s your lot, a full list of incredibly stupid stag do activities in Liverpool to keep you and your boys busy between beers.

Signature Living apartments and hotel rooms have been hosting stag parties in Liverpool since 2008.

Our exciting and unique group accommodation has modern facilities and quirky themes that stand apart from the crowd and provide a perfect base for any stag party in the city.

What’s more, Signature Living Hotel rooms and apartments are built for hosting great parties. No being told to keep the noise down, in fact, we’ll tell you to turn it up if we can’t hear you having a great time.

Book your stag do in Liverpool at Signature Living and get involved in any of these stupid stag do activities during your stay.

After all, these are the groom-to-be’s last nights of freedom! what better way to make them memorable?

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