Baby Shower Games to Play at your Signature Living Baby Shower

Everyone loves a bouncing baby, but not everyone loves boring baby shower games – we know we certainly don’t. Celebrating your impending miracle is a great reason to throw a baby shower and play some baby shower games.

Baby showers may have once been an American tradition, but since they’re a great way to celebrate your imminent arrival, we’ve decided to start throwing our very own Signature Living baby showers.

Baby Shower Games

Keep spirits high with these hilarious baby shower games to play at your Signature Living baby Shower.

Guess the Baby

Pink cheeks, chocolate covered baby grows and cheeky memories abound when you play this baby shower game. With each invitation, include a note instructing guests to bring along their best baby picture, assign a number to each snap and have your guests guess which picture matches what person.

Once everyone has stopped cooing over the photos and playing their baby shower games, give a prize to the winner with the most matches – simple.

Dirty Nappies

baby shower games

Dirty nappies is a classic baby shower game.

Smear milk, dark, caramel or nut chocolate into a nappy, pass them around and have each person lick the gooey poo-like mixture in order to guess what’s inside.

Now this may sound gross, but the person with the best nose wins – and nobody wants to be number 2 in any baby shower games that include chocolate covered nappy.

Guess the Mother’s Measurements

There seems to be a lot of guessing involved when playing any of these baby shower games thus far and guess the mother’s measurements – as you’ve probably noted – is no different.

Pregnancy is perhaps the only time ever that it’s acceptable to compliment a woman on how big she’s got.

Give everyone a piece of string and pair of scissors and invite each guest to try their luck at measuring the mum-to-be. Whoever comes the closest, wins!

Place the Baby on the Mommy


What is essentially pin the tail on the donkey, place the baby on the mommy is somewhat more appropriate. Enlarge a poster-sized picture of the mum-to-be, blindfold each guest and get them to place the baby on the bump – the bump in the picture that is.

Whoever gets closest to the tummy, wins.

Place the baby on the mummy is a cute spin on a party game classic and is one of the best baby shower games around.

Drink Up, Baby

This baby shower game is always a hilarious hit. Fill baby bottles with anything from beer to milk, dish them out accordingly, count to three and tell them to down it – without removing the teat, obviously.

Unlike any of the other baby shower games on our list, drink up, baby is guaranteed to cause a mess and bring out your guests’ competitive side.

Baby Items in the Bag

baby shower games

This is one of our easier baby shower games, but it’s still a whole lot of fun.

Put at least ten common baby items in a nappy bag; a bib, teething ring, bottle, diaper – things like that. Give each guest a pen and paper and tell them to get rummaging.

Once everyone has finished, count up the correct answers and announce the winner. Not only does the winner get a prize, but the parents-to-be also get a new nappy bag packed with essentials.

Win – win.

True or False Quiz

Get ready to scare your mum-to-be with this true or false quiz.

With statements like ‘new-born babies poo every hour’ and ‘a new-born baby can cry for 10 hours a day,’ this fun game is guaranteed to cause some chaos.

A fun game nonetheless, a true or false quiz is the ideal game to play at a baby shower.

Book Your Baby Shower at Baby Eden

 Baby Shower games

The aptly named Baby Eden is one of the most popular and spectacular baby shower venues in Liverpool.

This charming venue is situated in The Shankly Hotel and is ideal for hosting all your baby shower games.

A bespoke venue that sits up to 80 guests, book your baby shower in Baby Eden here and celebrate your little miracle in style.

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