Behind The Scenes: Boohoo Bloggers Ultimate Signature Living Sleepover

When you have a collection of glamorous group hotel rooms in Liverpool’s vibrant city centre, things like this happen every day.

Check out what went on behind the scenes when invited some of their top influencers, vloggers and Insta-stars to stay in our Creation Suite at The Shankly Hotel.

The Fashion

Boohoo babes - Shankly Rooftop - group hotel

As any fashionista worth her salt knows is an online fashion brand that is everyone’s fashion best friend and focuses on dressing the younger generation with all inclusive styles that suit every shape and size.

Since 2006 the online brand has grown in leaps and bounds and now in 2018 the group have a huge social media following and have branched into kids and men’s clothing as well as beginning their own beauty lines.

Its little wonder that the worlds biggest online influencers and vloggers enjoy wearing and using and when the two came together at Signature Living just knew we had the perfect backdrop for their latest campaign.

The Room

At Signature Living, we are known for providing guests with one of a kind accommodation experiences.

Creation Suite - group hotel room

From the moment people step into our unique group hotel accommodation they are instantly blown away by the flexible space and utterly stunning décor.

That’s why when and the biggest style influencers and vloggers said they were coming to Liverpool to host the Ultimate Sleepover Party we knew which room they just had to use straight away.

One of our latest suites on the Garden of Eden Floor, The Creation Suite, is an Instagram stars dream hotel room.

Creation Suite - group hotel room

The eye-catching décor is both stylish and tropical with stunning artistic elements such as the flower ceiling and palm tree printed wallpaper.

It’s every girl’s dream to have an amazing group hotel room to get glammed up in before hitting the town for a top night out and you don’t get much better than the Creation Suite.

Tonnes of space, city views and the most glamorous ensuite bathroom all come together to make the most picture perfect group hotel room in Liverpool and the ideal backdrop for an amazing sleepover photoshoot with

The Glam Squad

Now, of course, no girls night out would be complete without the ultimate glam squad and when in Liverpool there’s only one place to call; Uptown Funk.

Uptown Funk Liverpool - group hotel room makeover

Together with, these lovely ladies gave marvellous makeovers to the fabulous fashionistas, glamming them up for their shoot and then their evening out on the town.

Uptown Funk Liverpool - group hotel room makeover

Uptown Funk is a group of gifted individuals who can work wonders with a brush and some highlighter, and they were on hand to transform’s influencers and vloggers from day to night in style.

Uptown Funk Liverpool - group hotel room makeover

No matter what your style or personal tastes Uptown Funk have the skills to make you the best version of yourself and on the day of the photoshoot, every girl looked pretty as a picture, with or without filters.

The Girls

In keeping with their brand and message, invited the best influencers and vloggers from the online fashion world. The focus of the day was to show how each girl’s unique personality and style shined whilst wearing products.

Here’s what each girl had to say about their experience at Signature Living with and Uptown Funk.

Boohoo Babe - Shankly rooftop - group hotel

@gratsikat is a successful UK based influencer who specialises in marvellous makeup tutorials and enjoys sharing her lifestyle and fashion tips.

Boohoo Babe - Creation Suite - group hotel room

@misha_grimes is a popular Youtuber who likes to talk about her travel experiences and share beauty, fashion and dietary advice with her followers.

Boohoo Babe - Shankly rooftop - group hotel

@xnegzx is Insta-famous and uses her fabulous fashion sense and style to help her followers find and wear the latest trends with confidence.

Boohoo Babe - Shankly rooftop - group hotel

@lydiadinga calls herself your self-appointed internet sister whose ready to boost your self-love wherever possible by sharing her own food, fashion and beauty journeys on all her social media outlets.

Boohoo Babe - Creation Suite - group hotel

@anniedrea is fun, fashionable and fabulous and shares her style tips and beauty brilliance for girls with curves an those with more junk in the trunk than some.

Boohoo Babe - Creation Suite - group hotel

@scarlettlondon is a London based travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger who loves to share her dreamy experiences from around the world. We have Scarlett to thank for the opening video of the Ultimate Girls Sleepover Party from her popular Youtube channel.

Everyone who was involved with the vloggers and influencers event had a blast and enjoyed every moment staying with Signature Living and exploring Liverpool from the stunning Shankly Hotel.

Why not book your own glamorous girly stay at The Shankly Hotel and enjoy a night in with the girls or an amazing night out on the town in Liverpool city centre?

Check out some of our superb group hotel offers or call 0151 601 8801 and book your stay today.

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