5 Reasons to Book Your Tickets on the 1st Floating Beach Club and Hotel

We’ve just announced the booking lines will open on the 28th February for people to book tickets on the Signature Living floating beach club, The Funchal.

Just in time for payday.

We’re going to Ibiza and we’re going there in style. Here are five reasons you’ll want to be onboard the world’s first and most exciting floating beach club.

1) Ibiza is Like a Summer Camp for Celebs

Ibiza is a summer retreat that draws in a variety of celebrities, kind of like Signature Living, from reality stars to catwalk models and Hollywood’s top actors.

Everyone wants a slice of Ibizan paradise.

In 2017, the hottest couple in celeb-dom, Alicia Vikander & Michael Fassbender, took each other off the market with a dream Ibizan wedding. They planned a three-day wedding celebration, hosted in the island’s most stunning beach clubs, restaurants and secluded villas.


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Rumour has it, the couple loves the White Isle so much, they’ll be back for anniversary celebrations each year.

Other Ibiza Island regulars include models Kate Moss and Georgia May Jagger, who spend time in Jade Jagger’s island home. And of course, DJ superstars, Calvin Harris and David Guetta practically live in Ibiza for the entire summer season.

Top celeb-spotting spots on the island include De Niro’s restaurant, Nobu Hotel, Amante Beach Club, a secluded cove with a fantastic restaurant and, of course, the Blue Marlin made famous by Dizzee Rascals song, Holiday.


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And who could resist a swanky jaunt out on a fancy boat?

When you are chilling on the Signature Living floating beach club keep your eyes peeled for a celeb or two bobbing by, they love their yachts. Simply soak up some sunshine and enjoy a little tipple on your own exclusive Ibizan boat holiday and wave as you inevitably cross paths.

2) Ibiza Has the Most Stunning Sunset Views

One thing that will stick in your memory bank forever is the sight of the sun going down over Illa Sa Conillera, from the rocks surrounding Mambo Café.

This popular spot has long been a favourite for those visiting the White Isle, as the views are unmissable and the soundtrack makes the entire experience


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To get seats at Mambo for the perfect Ibizan sunset, you’ll need to book way in advance as the stunning scenery is best captured from under the trendy bar and restaurant canopy.

Drink in hand you and your table can witness one of the most striking natural sights together whilst enjoying the chilled out sounds of a classic laid-back deep house soundtrack.

Whilst Mambo is a real treat, serving spot-on service and delicious food, the rocks surrounding Mambo’s terrace and the bars are always filled with people.


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Armed with their own drinks and nibbles, they flock every night of the season to watch the sensational spectacle from a more rustic vantage point.

From Thursday the 28th February, you’ll be able to book your tickets on Signature Living floating beach club, The Funchal and get front row seats to enjoy an amazing Ibizan sunset from the shores of San Antonio.

3) Ibiza Will Soon be Welcomming Signature Living on the Sea

One of the best things to look forward to when the Signature Living floating beach club, The Funchal, hits the waves, is to see what Signature Living can do out on the water.

As you know, on land, we’re responsible for some of the greatest events in Liverpool, as well as some of the city’s chicest restaurants.

The Funchal floating beach club Night

Our award-winning, pioneering approach to group accommodation has certainly made waves on the hospitality market, so what can you expect from The Funchal Floating Beach Club and Hotel?

Well, amazing accommodation is kind of our thing so the rooms, suites and cabins will be a far cry from your average cruise ship. Imagine the boldest innovation of our most popular hotel rooms, adapted to fit onboard our exciting new floating beach club and hotel.

And, of course, what floating beach club would be complete without its own on-deck bar?

Carpathia Cocktails
Carpathia Cocktails

Signature Living’s bars and restaurants offer some of the most dynamic social venues in Liverpool. All guarantee fantastic food, creative cocktails and exciting entertainment year round.

With classy cocktail concoctions and some impressive bar talent to whip them up, The Funchal Floating Beach Club Bar will have all the ingredients required for a knockout social experience.

4) Ibiza Has Tonnes of Secret Coves and Beaches

Our Signature Living floating beach club will be setting up camp on the shores of Ibiza, delivering boatloads of guests to and from the island soon.

In the meantime, we thought we’d share some of the island’s best secret beaches and hidden coves that are must-sees whilst visiting Ibiza.

Pedrera Cala d’Hort is one of the island’s most stunning secrets, perfect for enjoying views of Ibiza’s mythical island Es Vedra.


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Said to be the reason why Ibiza has such a pull over those that visit, Es Vedra’s myths tell of it being magnetic.

Pedrera Cala d’Hort has also been given the nickname Atlantis. Reason being, the cliff edge was quarried centuries ago, for rock used to make the towering walls of Evissa, leaving behind unusual rock formations.

Today this beach is reached by various treacherous paths, but like all good things, it’s well worth the effort.

Easier to reach and a little closer to the tourist hot spots, Cala Gracionetta is a stunning little beach, literally around the corner from San Antonio.


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Although not as “secret” as Predrera Cala d’Hort, Cala Gracionetta is small, clean and served by one bar and restaurant providing exquisite food and drink.

The crystal-clear waters, soft sandy beach and driftwood decked cabanas are ideal for a day of utter relaxation away from the hustle and bustle.

5) Ibiza Has the Biggest and Best SuperClubs

The biggest and best club nights in the world began in Ibiza, with the hottest DJ’s of the moment, and from the past, putting on some truly awe-inspiring events.

The clubbing venues are nothing short of mind-blowing, from the iconic Amnesia, opened in the late 70s to the newest venue Hï, now residing where Space once lived, Ibiza’s Super Clubs have filled the island with the sound of dance music for decades.

Here’s a list of the biggest and best clubs in Ibiza and what they bring to the table.

Amnesia – known as the spiritual home of the Balearic Beat has a reputation for hosting the biggest names in dance music, winning club of the year 3 years in a row from 2007 – 2009.


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Pacha – another long-standing nightlife establishment that was opened in 1973, the whitewashed walls have a Mediterranean villa feel and is a favourite haunt of the Paris born DJ David Guetta.

Ushuaïa – Ibiza’s most glamourous new nightlife venue is attached to a quirky yet luxurious hotel. Ushuaïa’s outdoor night club space is surrounded by swanky hotel rooms and the dance floor borders a swimming pool.


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Privilege – across the road from Amnesia, Privilege looks like a spaceship that’s landed on the side of a hill. The distinctive white honeycomb dome pops out above the trees, letting clubbers everywhere know they’ve arrived.

– one of the latest additions to Ibiza’s Super Clubs and a welcome one at that. After the legendary Space shut its doors, regular island revellers were waiting to see what would come next, and Hï was the answer. Echoing the vibes from Ushuaïa, Hï’s line-up will include the biggest names in new dance music

The Signature Living Floating Beach Club and Hotel; The Funchal

Spend some time this summer surrounded by crystal clear waters, under the brightest blue skies onboard The Funchal.

The Funchal floating beach club

Bringing a new concept of accommodation to the shoreside of the world’s hottest clubbing destinations, The Funchal Floating Beach Club will be the temporary summer home of the in-crowd who love the finer things in life.

Pick up the phone on Thursday 28th February, and get your tickets to be one of the first passengers on board the Signature Living floating beach club, The Funchal. Get ready for fun in the sun with style.

Call 0151 459 4101 or email info@signatureliving.co.uk and ask for more details about the Signature Living floating beach club or to book your one of a kind beach club experience out on the water,

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