Calling All Queens! Signature Living’s Drag Act Auditions are Offically Open

Do you rate yourself as Liverpool’s fiercest Drag Queen? Is your lip-syncing as sharp as your shade throwing? Are you renowned for your reading?

Signature Living is looking for the ultimate Drag royalty to dance the house down across our showstopping venues. If you’ve answered yaaaas to the above questions, then we want you to apply!

If you think you’ve got the sass to be one of our sensational performers, come to our auditions on Sunday 24th June for a chance to be a picked as a Signature Living Queen. Successful acts will be performing regularly at our incredible city-centre venues.

So get your face fit for the gods, and slay away! It’s time to Werk, gurls.

It’s Audition Time, Ladies

Think you’ve got the charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent to be a Signature Living Queen? Apply online and you’ll be allocated an audition time on Sunday 24th June at the Arthouse Hotel, Seel Street.

Applying as a group? We can accommodate both individual acts or group performers.

If you want to get ready at the hotel before your audition, let us know and we’ll make sure there is dressing room space ready for you, darlings. No busted faces here, please.

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What We’re Looking For…

During the audition, you’ll have a chance to turn the party and impress us. Any act is welcome, so sign up and serve up! We want all your singing, lip-syncing, dancing or hosting.

Whether you’re a typical Heather or channel more Meryl Streep realness, we want style, sass and shade to the max – it’s time to show us your best death drop, ladies.

If your act includes music, you’ll need to bring it on a USB or AUX connectable device. No goddamn excuses!

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How Will I Know if I’ve Been Picked as a Signature Queen?

It’s time to get real, ladies, not everyone is a Signature Queen in the making. But if you don’t get a ‘Bye Felicia’ from the get-go, look out for an email or phone call around two weeks after the audition.

drag queen jobs
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How Often Will I Get Work?

Our events and in-house productions are always on the go, so if you’re picked as a Signature Queen, then condragulations!

We”ll start sending you availability requests for Werk straight away. You could be performing as often as 2-3 times a week, or once every few months.

drag queen jobs
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Take me to the stage!

It you think you’ve got what it takes, head on over to our online application form, and upload a headshot along with your CV.  We’re gagging to meet you, gurl.

Auditions will be held on Sunday 24th June at the Arthouse Hotel, Seel Street (Liverpool).  For the chance to become one of our sassy and sensational Drag Queens, visit our website here.  

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