Carpathia Restaurant & Bar Launches a New Menu

Have you tried the new menu at the Carpathia Champagne Bar & Restaurant? Our new head chef Matt Cox has passionately created a fantastic array of exciting dishes at our restaurant at 30 James Street.

Matt has over 12 years’ experience producing unforgettable dishes to a wide variety of hotels across the UK, and we here are proud to welcome him into the Signature Living family. We are confident Carpathia’s guests will fall in love with delicious steak and lobster-themed dishes.

We are confident customers will fall in love with the brand new menu, which offers yummy burgers, skewers and duck, as well as a variety of beef, lobster and chicken cooked on Carpathia’s charcoal grill.

Matt Cox recently said:

“We have stayed faithful to mainly sourcing and using only the best and most natural ingredients from throughout the North West, but we have made the menu more accessible and have focused many new dishes around the steak and lobster theme.

“We have been trying out dishes in the run-up to the official launch with our management team to fine-tune the new menu, and the feedback has been great.”

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