Celebrating the Adorable Dogs of Signature Living

From adorable huskys to loveable pugs and superstar hounds, our employees are owners of some of the cutest canines we’ve ever laid eyes on!

Today is Bring Your Dog to Work Day, so we’re celebrating with a round up of some of the cutest dogs from Signature Living.


Tammy - Dogs of Signature

Owner and Job Title: Sue Wright, Managing Director

Breed: Staffie

Favourite walk: Tammy loves exploring the Wirral Way

Tammy was found starving and very ill after being abandoned by her previous owners. She was in a really bad way and covered in cancerous lumps after years of neglect.

Thankfully, she was saved by a dog pound in Bedfordshire, but she was very close to death. They introduced her to happy, loving and positive dogs that helped her to survive.

After Sue saw an advert for her on Facebook, she knew she had to save Tammy. After a few operations and a lot of love and care, Tammy is a happy and very healthy dog. She loves lots of treats, long walks, sunbathing, snoring and farting.

In Sue’s house Tammy is now a therapy dog, she loves to look after people if they’re feeling sad and always wants a snuggle.


Narla and Sasha

Narla and Sasha - Year of the dog

Owner and Job Title: Calum, Graphic Designer

Breed: Husky and Huskador (Husky and labrador cross)

Favourite Walk:  Narla and Sasha love large grassy field areas so they can run around like mad. Huskys can only be let off their leads in safe, enclosed areas. They also love sled walks where they can pull dog scooters and trikes in packs.

Two of the most beautiful pooches on our list, both of Calum’s pooches are rescue dogs.

Sasha is a golden, white Huskador who always takes the lead when towing sleds in a pack. She is a very friendly doggo who loves the outdoors.

Narla is a gorgeous white and grey Husky, renowned for being an escape artist and finding her way through mouse sized holes. She also enjoys biting peoples nails off for them and Calum’s first ever tattoo was of Narla!



Signature dogs

signature dogs

Name: George

Owner: Sam, Social Media

Breed: Border Terrier

Favourite Walk: Grasmere, Lake District

Before making his big move to the city, George was born in Penrith, Cumbria on a farm with 600 sheep. When he’s not busy chasing his ball or playing tug of war with smelly socks, you’re likely to find George enjoying a good howl or dancing on his hind legs.

This adorable Signature dog is a little fussy with food but will never pass on sausages, scrambled egg or his Sunday roast!



Kevin - Dogs of Signature

Kevin - Dogs of Signature

Owner and Job Title: Abby, Social Media  

Breed: French Bulldog

Favourite Walk: Kevin enjoys running around Sefton Park and checking out the fairy glen. 

One of the famous faces of Signature Living, Kevin is a true superstar dog. An adorable lilac frenchie, his favourite thing to do is sleep. He sleeps around 12 hours a day and then through the night as well!!

Abby lives in Chinatown and Kevin loves all of the red lantern decorations that are up around the city for Chinese New Year, he’s definitely loving the Year of the Dog.

His favourite food is boiled chicken and his hobbies include sniffing his Dad’s beard and feet.

He’s always exploring, enjoys meeting new people and trying on new coats, you can follow him on instagram- @kevingram_frenchie



Marley - Dogs of Signature

Marley - Dogs of Signature

Owner and Job Title: Laura, copywriter

Breed: Scotty/ Jack Russell

Favourite Walk: Marley enjoys long walks on Thurstaston beach

Marley is a super stylish doggo who loves wearing bow ties and gangster hoodies.

He also enjoys sitting in windows watching traffic go by and barking at cats. He once jumped onto Laura’s bedroom window sill when the curtains were closed and fell out of the window and into the front garden.

Thankfully he was unharmed! But now he always checks the window is firmly closed before he ventures up to take a peek outside.


Big Ralph


Ralph - Dogs of Signature

Owner and Job Title: Jake, Social Reporter

Breed: German Shepherd

Favourite Walk: Sefton Park is his number one destination

Big Ralph is an all round cracking lad.

He loves going to the pub and out for drinks around Lark Lane and Smithdown and always makes loads of new friends.

Jake and Ralph enjoy finding new dog friendly places around Liverpool, they are the best of friends and never leave each other’s side.

He’s also insta famous! Follow his page for daily doggie updates @seftonparkshep



Nellie - Dogs of Instagram

Nellie - Dogs of Signature

Owner and Job Title: Rachel, Graphic Designer

Breed: Jack Russell

Favourite walk: Chasing leaves in Reynolds Park in Woolton

Nellie loves people and making friends with other pooches. Her favourite place to sleep is in all of the sun traps around the house and she loves getting her belly scratched.

Nellie’s favourite food is roast beef and if you shout FIRE Nellie will always run back to you.

Her best friend is her favourite tennis ball.



Benny - Dogs of Signature

Benny - - Dogs of Signature

Owner and Job Title: Jess, Copywriter

Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Favourite walk: Thurstaston Beach or Calderstones Park

Benny is selective when it comes to his dog friends and mostly enjoys the company of those with serious beards and huge eyebrows.

When he is not sleeping, he enjoys long massages and frequently gives up walking to be carried the whole way home.

We love Benny a lot.


Marley and Jimmy

Jimmy and Marley - Dogs of Signature

Jimmy - Dogs of Signature

Owner and Job Title: Tyra, Photographer

Breed: Staff and Yorkie

Favourite walk: They love the beach, especially when their paw pal Buddy is there.

Jimmy and Marley are best buds and enjoy wearing matching jumpers.

Marley was attacked at a young age by a staffy, which actually turned out to be Jimmy’s mum! Despite this, when Marley met Jimmy they instantly loved each other and have grown very attached over the years.

One day when Tyra had taken them out for a walk, she lost Marley for a whole day. She spent the whole day searching the nearby hills, only to find him with two young girls who had found him and put ribbons in his hair!



Shelby - Dogs of Signature

Shelby - Dogs of Signature

Owner and Job Title: Georgia, Social Media

Breed: Pug with a quarter Shar pei

Favourite walk: Shelby loves exploring the prom at Otterspool

Shelby is a regular visitor at the Signature Living head office and loves meeting new people.

Her hobbies include watching other dogs on TV and running around like crazy.

She recently went to a pop up pug cafe and made loads of new friends!



Rudy - Dogs of Signature

Rudy - Dogs of Signature

Owner and Job Title: Simon, Procurement.

Breed: Blue Shar pei

Favourite walk: Same as her mum!

Rudy is the pup of the famous loony Luna.

She is a very shy girl but perfectly suited to her new owners Simon and Gemma.

Always very well behaved and extremely lovable, it’s hard not to adore Rudy.



Ernie - Dogs of Signature

Owner and Job Title: Pat, Head of House Keeping

Breed: Cockapoo

Favourite walk: You can find Ernie hanging out at Sefton Park

Last but certainly not least is Ernie, an extremely friendly cockapoo who is a favourite in the Signature Living office.

Ernie loves life and mostly enjoys running around all the time, chasing anything and everything and greeting new people very enthusiastically.

He is a top dog.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our celebration of some the dogs of Signature Living, why not pop into one of our hotels today and see if you can find any of them.  

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