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Liverpool is an incredible location for weddings. With its stunning waterfront and iconic architecture, there are few cities that compare when it comes to scenery, culture and history. Signature Living Weddings offer the chance to enjoy your big day in one of our striking hotel venue spaces.

Garden of Eden at The Shanky Hotel

At the Shankly Hotel, we have our dazzling Garden of Eden wedding venue; a space that has become a favourite for weddings in Liverpool and boasts a fantastic view of the city.

Garden of Eden rooftop - Signature Living Weddings

Providing you with the ultimate Liverpool rooftop venue, you won’t need to travel far to get the perfect wedding photographer. The Garden of Eden opens out onto a magical outdoor terrace with comfortable seating for guests to socialise.

Garden of Eden rooftop wedding - Signature Living Weddings

This breathtaking Liverpool wedding venue is encased in fabulous floor to ceiling glass windows offering a mesmerising view both day and night. You can expect unrestricted views of iconic Liverpool landmarks including the Three Graces, Pier Head and the Liverpool Cathedral. The Garden of Eden is a spacious venue boasting natural light throughout the day, with the capacity to seat up to 250-day guests and 350 evening guests.

Little Eden at The Shankly Hotel

While The Garden of Eden is a beautiful choice, we also understand that weddings can be more intimate affairs too and that’s why we offer a charming venue alternative at The Shankly Hotel.

Little Eden weddings - Signature Living weddings

Our stunning Little Eden venue can cater for smaller gatherings of up to 100 people, making it the perfect spot for a cosy wedding with your nearest and dearest.

Little Eden wedding reception - Signature Living weddings

For the ultimate Signature Living wedding experience, you may want to book some of your wedding party into the Shankly Hotel situated above, which offers luxury rooms and suites equipped with whirlpool baths.

The Grand Hall at 30 James Street Hotel

At 30 James Street, the hugely popular White Star Grand Hall is a Liverpool favourite when it comes to fairytale wedding venues. The Titanic-themed hotel is inspired by the elegant interior and lavish design of the ocean liner; you can expect to feel the first class decadence of the ship from the moment you enter.

30 James Street Hotel weddings - Signature Living weddings

The grand White Star Grand Hall was previously used as the first class lounge and ticketing office for the White Star Shipping company. We made it our mission to cultivate its charms for an incomparable wedding experience.

The hotel is located within the former White Star Line headquarters; the building itself radiates history and character from day to night, making it one of the most special places to get married in Liverpool.

30 James Street Grand Hall - Signature Living Weddings

Catering for up to 210 seated guests, the venue can also be tailored to small and large wedding groups to suit your needs. We’re dedicated to ensuring your day runs smoothly, so you can leave your worries at the door and let us take over with a Grand Hall wedding.

30 James Street wedding in Liverpool

Alma de Cuba

At Signature Living Weddings our venues all offer something special to happy couples on their special day. For an utterly glamorous and chic wedding, there’s no better venue than Alma de Cuba.

This remarkable venue is steeped in Liverpool’s history and was once a prominent Catholic Church. Remnants of the building’s past provide an elegant, evangelic backdrop to host the most memorable Liverpool wedding.

Alma de Cuba wedding dinner - Signature Living Weddings

Enjoy dining on the exquisite mezzanine underneath the exposed eves and opulent chandeliers, say your vows at the ancient altar, then dance the night away with your nearest and dearest under showers of petals.

Alma de Cuba weddings - Signature Living Weddings

Alma de Cuba is our newest Liverpool wedding venue at Signature Living Weddings and has already helped many happy couples celebrate their special day in style.

Exchange Hotel

Since expanding nationally, Signature Living Weddings acquired their first wedding venue in Cardiff located inside a luxurious and newly renovated hotel. Exchange Hotel has become a popular place to stay in Cardiff but also has welcomed many a happy couple through the doors to spend their most special day.

Exchange Hotel weddings - Signature Living Weddings

Weddings at Exchange Hotel are hosted inside what used to be the trading hall of Cardiff’s Coal Exchange. At the height of coal trading in Cardiff hundreds of wealthy businessmen, merchants and landowners would gather inside the trading hall to do business, trading in large sums of money and for the first business deals reaching the million pound mark were struck.

Exchange Hotel Wedding - Signature Living Weddings

It is thanks to the wealth associated with the coal exchange that the building which has become Exchange Hotel was outfitted in such finery. The refined interior space has a striking decor with splendid furnishings made from the finest materials reflecting the buildings extravagant past.

Exchange Hotel Weddings - Signature Living Weddings

From ceremony to reception Exchange Hotel provides a breathtaking venue in which to spend a most magical wedding day in Cardiff.

To find out more, or to book the wedding day you’ve been dreaming of, our helpful team are on hand to ease you along every step of the way.

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