The Ultimate Guide to Freshers’ Week in Liverpool

From Mondays in The Raz to Thursdays in The Brookhouse, Freshers’ Week in Liverpool is always eventful to say the least. Here’s our ultimate guide to Freshers’ Week in Liverpool.

Freshers Week Liverpool

1. Your non-Liverpool mates are constantly concerned about you


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It’s not the 1980s anymore, your mates have nothing to be concerned about.

They may live it up at church jumble sales and their bars might close at 11 o’clock, but you live in Liverpool now – you know how the other, exciting side live.

Welcome to city living.

2. You’ve grown accustomed to weird green drinks and even weirder nightclubs.

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of The Raz; where the drinks are green and the mud on your shoes is red – and no one knows why.

The Raz is a student staple, as is the customary cap you’ll have draped over your door at one point during Freshers’ Week in Liverpool. Keep it, cherish it – it may be valuable one day, who knows.

Oh, and never call it the Blue Angel – you’ll thank us later.

3. But you still aren’t quite accustomed to the Scouse vocab

You’ll get there in the end, don’t stress. Even the Scouse’st of Scousers struggle sometimes.

When you’re in a taxi though, just smile, nod politely and decide whether or not you’re a red or a blue. As long as you understand the basics you’ll be sound.

4. You’ll learn to love and hate The Beatles in equal measure.


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They made some absolutely amazing records, nobody’s arguing that. But it’s hard to stay as enthusiastic about them once you’ve heard ‘Hey Jude!’ for the millionth time.

“You must love the Beatles,” they’ll say as soon as you tell them what Uni you go to – and you’ll instantly lose the will to live.

Anyway: Here’s ‘Hey Jude!’ for the millionth and one time.

5. You’ll be given an Alpha Taxi ruler and never use it.

Alpha Taxi branded rulers can be seen in every student’s hand at any Freshers’ Fair.

Poor Alpha Taxis. Their 30cm, phone number emblazoned, orange piece of pointless stationary will be quickly banished to the bin come your second day – never to be used again.

6. Once you’ve adopted a team, you’ll have to watch the match.

7. Thursday Nights at Heebies are a mixed bag

Midway through Freshers’ Week in Liverpool you will inevitably end up in Heebies. This indie cauldron of patchy beards, dirty Stan Smith trainers and cheap cans of Red Stripe, is arguably the most popular student nightclub in Liverpool.

So, get ready for the whole of Liverpool’s student population, decked out in their “retro” adidas jackets and best black jeans, to descend onto Seel Street every Thursday night.


8. The annual Love Island party with Signature Living is always brilliant.


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Heebies not your style? No problem – every year, Signature Living throw an annual Love Island screening party that’s absolutely fantastic.

It’s never too early to get excited for Love Island so, gather your most ‘loyal’ housemates and check out our guide on how to throw the ultimate Love Island party here.

And don’t panic, we’ll keep you updated as and when we throw our next Love Island screening party. Watch this space!

9. Liverpool’s landmarks are out of this world

Don’t listen to your out-of-town mates whose vanilla existence is hardly worth mentioning in the same sentence as Liverpool; we’ve got amazing beaches, a World Heritage waterfront, two cathedrals and more museums and galleries than anywhere outside of London.

There’s far more to us Scousers than what people think – so use Freshers’ Week in Liverpool to have a good look around.

10. You and your mates would be mad not to book a group accommodation party room.

We think the nightlife here in Liverpool is the best in the world. And here at Signature Living, large group accommodation is what we do best.

Whether you’re enjoying a big birthday, celebrating your results, graduating in style or starting Freshers’ Week in Liverpool with a bang, our large group rooms let you party without splitting up.

Book one of our large group apartments here and celebrate Freshers’ Week in Liverpool like only Scousers know how.

To book a stay at Signature Living during Freshers’ Week in Liverpool, head over to our booking page or email

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