Highlights From the Wizards and Witches Afternoon Tea

Guests were lucky enough to leave the muggle world behind on Saturday, as The Shankly Hotel hosted an evening of absolute alchemy. The Garden of Eden Suite was transformed into a world of magic and sorcery as hundreds of wannabe-wizards and witches flocked to our magic themed afternoon tea, ideal for HP fans.

To celebrate the phenomenal success of our magic themed afternoon tea, we thought we’d look back over this truly magical event.

Your Favourite Characters from the Movies

For the lucky guests that made it to The Shankly Hotel – which was bathed in magic and mystery – they were greeted by their favourite witches, wizards and gatekeepers. Hagrid, Dumbledore and even Voldemort entertained the guests as scores of children got to meet their heroes.

Harry Potter themed afternoon tea

Children and adults alike watched on in wonderment as Hagrid, dressed in a long brown leather coat and matching bushy beard, waved to and entertained the guests, while everyone’s favourite headmaster sat up high on a giant chair and presided over the event. Voldemort, on the other hand – dressed in his signature black robe – performed a wicked dance routine alongside his band of Death Eaters.

The characters who graced our magic themed afternoon tea put on a truly magical show – and it must be said, they wouldn’t have looked out of place in J.K Rowlings’ books themselves.

An Enchantingly Good Quiz

There were plenty of goodies up for grabs as our captivating quiz master tested everyone’s knowledge of the wizarding world. From potions and sorcery to plot lines and broomsticks, this quiz was truly magical for everyone involved.

Harry Potter themed afternoon tea

Not even the tea leaves in the bottom of Professor Trelawney’s cup could predict the winner of our quiz. Hosted by Dumbledore, this bewitchingly fun quiz was enjoyed by everyone – and even the muggles amongst us got involved.

The sorting hat wasn’t needed to crown our eventual winners as our quiz champions were crowned by the worlds most famous headmaster.

Spectacular Decorations

The Garden of Eden Suite was transformed into a world of sorcery and magic on Saturday as whomping tree branches and stars dangled from the ceiling while every table was dressed in black cloth.

Harry Potter themed afternoon tea

Guests and famous faces alike were also encouraged to snap a picture as they ran through the famous Platform 9¾. And even our very own Lawrence Kenwright got involved in the celebrations, as he and his children sat on top of a stack of giant books and smiled for the camera.

The atmosphere was electric at our magic themed afternoon tea, and by the end, many muggles were starting to believe in magic.

The Most Magical Mouth-watering Feast

The beginning of term banquet at Hogwarts had absolutely nothing on our feast on the weekend.

From cupcakes dressed in edible witches’ hats to biscuits iced in a green glaze and topped with a lightening bolt, this fun feast was absolutely delicious and wouldn’t have looked out of place in the movie itself.

Unfortunately, however, there was no pumpkin pasties, leaping chocolate frogs or envelope glue flavoured beans – probably for the best.

Wizards and Witches Themed Afternoon Tea

Our magic themed afternoon tea is just one of the many amazing events we host. From Madhatter’s afternoon tea to Dirty Dancing bottomless brunch we, at Signature Living, know how to throw a party.

That said, if you fancy throwing a party of your own, make sure to check out and book our stunning group accommodation here – which has been designed with you in mind.

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