MyTime and Signature Living Gives Carers a Well Deserved Break

Here at Signature Living, we love to get involved with good causes around the city of Liverpool. We’re always looking for ways to help the people who make our city so great. One of our newest projects is our partnership with MyTime, an organisation that helps gives carers the well-earned break they deserve.

What is MyTime?


MyTime was formed in 2015 as a way to help unpaid carers get a well-earned break. Providing a night or experience for the people that selflessly help to hold their families together gave these carers a rare chance to have a few hours off from their often demanding responsibilities at home.

Since then, the project has grown massively, even receiving funding from The Big Lottery Fund in order to further their important and heartfelt work. There are now 1000 carers in the Liverpool area who are registered and 71 hotels, restaurants and other businesses offering free experiences for those who deserve it most.

Family carers often make sacrifices to care for someone they love, not for monetary gain, not for thanks, just for the pure love of making a person’s quality of life the best it can be, no matter the situation.

MyTime and Signature Living believe that these are the people who need a break the most. Just a little time for themselves, time to regroup and time to get away from a role that may sometimes be a little overwhelming.

Breaks like the ones offered by MyTime and Signature Living can be a real treat for people who give so much. Feedback from carers who have been given the opportunity for a night away or a luxury meal shows how much of an impact the project is having on their lives.

How to Claim with MyTime


MyTime are doing incredible work in the Liverpool area and Signature Living are only too happy to provide a welcome relief for these amazing people.

The way to benefit from these amazing offers couldn’t be easier, MyTime aims to make the process as easy as possible. After all, carers already have so much to deal with.

To be able to make the most of what MyTime has to offer, you need to be an unpaid carer for a friend or family member who cannot cope without your support due to illness, disability, a mental health problem or an addiction.

After speaking with the lovely people at MyTime, when an organisation or business donates a contribution, these offers will be passed onto the carers that are registered and the carer then enjoys their break!

Simply fill in a form on their website, email them at or give them a call on 0151 705 2327.

At the moment, MyTime is exclusively available in the Liverpool authority, but caring doesn’t just stop at the boundaries and the organisation is hoping to expand all over the country to offer carers throughout the UK the opportunity to take a breather.

Signature Living Caring for Carers


Signature Living has three of Liverpool’s premier and top rated hotels. In partnership with MyTime, we offer an overnight stay every month in 30 James Street and Arthouse Hotel.

While we are often at full occupancy, we firmly believe in MyTime and the work that they do, so we always try and fit around a carer’s schedule. Given that the life of a carer is unpredictable, we try and work around the nature of the lifestyle.

Check out MyTime if you’re an unpaid carer in Liverpool and make sure you get the well-earned break you deserve.

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