Naughty or Nice? The Choice is Yours at Signature Living

Whether you are on the naughty or nice list this year don’t worry at Signature Living we’ve got you covered with exciting group accommodation in Liverpool that can be naughty or nice.

Depending on where you’ve fallen on Santa’s list this year choose from our wide selection of naughty or nice hotel rooms, suites and apartments all at Signature Living.

Our top naughty Liverpool hotel rooms

Let’s face it sometimes it’s good to be bad and whilst Santa might not be thinking very highly of you this Christmas we can still make sure you have a great time at Signature Living.

Our naughty group accommodation in Liverpool is ideal for spending late nights partying and enjoying long lazy lie-ins the next day.

One super naughty party apartment

Check out The Vault party apartment which can “sleep” up to thirty guests, however, we know you naughty boys and girls don’t do much sleeping in our apartments.


The Vault is made for those who like to stay up late, with a loud surround sound music system, club style dance floor and ten berth roman bath.

Every room in The Vault has its own flat screen TV and there’s even a whacky photo booth corner where you and some of your other naughty pals can snap some silly selfies.

There’s no need to get to bed early The Vault is a unique group accommodation in Liverpool that is expecting a party.

Don’t let it down.

A pristine party apartment

Groups of good guests can enjoy spending some time in Signature Livings Masonic apartments.

A shining example of group accommodation in Liverpool this superb apartment is light, airy and spacious.

The ethereal décor is inspired by ancient Grecian Olympus with tall white columns, marvellous marble walls.

With elegant ensuite bathrooms and some amazing amenities, the Masonic apartment gives good guests all they need for a fabulous break in Liverpool.

Naughty or Nice treats from Signature Living

There are many ways to indulge in your naughty and nice sides at Signature Living.

For the naughty you why not book a cocktail masterclass, welcome drinks package or a platter of delicious handmade cupcakes to welcome you to your room?

If you’ve been good and want to keep it that way spend some time cleaning your pores and steaming away your troubles in Morgan’s Spa.

There are plenty of detoxifying treatments or special beauty treatments for rewarding yourself for all that good behaviour.

Naughty or nice call and book your stay with Signature Living on 0151 459 4101 or email info@

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