Our Signature Living Checklist for an Epic Girls Night In

Sometimes it’s nice to simply sit in your comfiest PJ’s grab a glass of wine and have a good old girls night in with your nearest and dearest.

At Signature Living, we encourage you to forget the high heels, tight dresses and curly blows for an unforgettable girls night in one of our luxurious group hotel rooms.

And why not, we’ve got huge TV’s to catch up on the latest reality dramas, whirlpool baths for relaxing dips and stunningly decorated hotel rooms that were designed to impress.

So put on your slippers and roll in those rollers as we check off all you’ll need for a top girls night in at Signature Living.

#1 Drinks

Fairly obvious but a necessity to a great girly night in is an endless supply of your favourite tipple. Whether that be spirits and mixers, a bit of the bubbly or a few jars of wine we’ve got you covered ladies.

Our amazing drinks packages can be prepared prior to your arrival and will be waiting in your room chilled and ready to be coiffed.

#2 Bikini

girls night in pool party at Signature Living

Believe it or not, Signature Living is the perfect place to throw an unforgettable pool party, but don’t forget to bring you best bikini along as you know there will be plenty of pool shots taken for the social profiles.

#3 PJ’s

After you and the girls have had a good soaking there’ll be nothing better than snuggling up in your favourite onesie or the perfect pair of pristine PJ’s.

#4 Rollers

Rollers - girls night in at Signature Living

Rollers at the ready ladies it’s basically a rule to role you hair in Liverpool if you’re not going out (or even if you are in some instances).

Make sure those bouffants are ready for the next day and ready, steady, roll.

#5 Face Masks

Pampering girls night in at Signature Living

It’s not actually a cliché to apply a face mask at a sleepover.

First of all, you have some help to apply and remove if necessary, second, you have a whole bunch of other people to look scary with, should somebody come a knocking.

#6 Gossip

Come armed with some juicy tidbits of info to share with the ladies as its quid pro quo in most girly gangs.

You must bring if you expect to receive.

#7 Treats

This is a night when the diet goes right out the window!

Ladies are all always on one regime or another but at a Signature Living sleepover, you are expected to pack that in and enjoy something delicious.

Midnight munchies at Signature Living girls night in

We’ll arrange for batches of scrumptious cupcakes to greet you on arrival, or if you get peckish late in the evening our midnight munchies menu at The Bastion Bar and Restaurant is the perfect sleepover party dish.

#8 Tunes

Just because you’re staying in, don’t think you need to keep the noise down, you’re in our house now and when you‘re staying under our roof you live by our rules.

These rules are party, party, party!

It’s what Signature Living Hotel was built for, our amazing party rooms have all the space and facilities for you and the girls to get down with your bad selves in complete privacy.

#9 All your girls

Sometimes it can be hard to get the whole gang together but not at Signature Living.

girls night in at Signature Living

You and all your closest friends can stay in one luxurious hotel room and even better everyone will be able to afford this extravagant night in as our rooms can sleep between 3 and 30  guests.

So what are you waiting for ladies get your epic girls night in booked now with our friendly reservations staff by calling 0151 459 4101.

Or better yet why not check out our amazing group hotel offers here.

We can’t wait to have you all over to stay because we know you “girls just wanna have fu-un”

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