Pancake Day in Liverpool

Pancake Day is a day which is celebrated each and every year in the UK and is maybe the only day it’s acceptable to throw food around the kitchen.

Shrove Tuesday was traditionally a day where people would use up rich ingredients before the 40-day fasting season of Lent began which is where pancakes originated from. The date of pancake day changed each year based on when Easter falls, however, it is always the day preceding Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of lent.

Pancake day is celebrated differently all over the world, in England there predominantly thin and crispy, in America their think and smaller in size. In Canada, Canadians traditionally add things such as coins, pieces of string, thimble and wedding rings. The lucky one who finds the coin will be rich, the finder of the ring will be first married and the finder of the thimble will become a seamstress.

Back in the UK, everyone has their own variations of the delicious eggs, flour and milk mix but what do you put in yours? From bananas and Nutella to strawberries and cream there is a whole host of variation to try at home but why not head out and let someone else prepare your Shrove Tuesday treat and here are the best three in Liverpool.

Interesting Eating Company

Located on Allerton Road and School Lane in the city centre. They serve what some have described as the ‘best pancakes in the city’ with gluten-free pancakes also on offer. From the traditional sugar and lemon to ice cream, bacon and maple syrup to strawberry, banana and toffee there is an extensive range for everyone to enjoy.

The Interesting Eating Company also serve up some flipping great savoury pancakes such as ham and cheese and smoked salmon with rocket and cream cheese for those who don’t have a sweet tooth.

Moose Coffee

Liverpool’s favourite American Diner, Moose Coffee is obviously one of our favourite spots for pancakes. The homemade pancakes are thick and filled with flavour, just like proper American stacked pancakes they come with a range of toppings including; ice cream, blueberries, streaky bacon as well as some specials such as apple and homemade salted caramel pancakes or granola and chocolate peanut butter pancakes.

Moose has two locations in Liverpool, Dale Street and Crosby where you can get your American stacked pancake fix 7 days a week.

Le Crepe Rit

Located on the Albert Dock, La Crepe Rit translates into “the laughing pancake” and has the widest selection of pancakes on our list.

From sweet crepes to flambé, this pancake day at Le Crepe Rit is sure to be a memorable one. Obviously serving all the classics, this speciality crepe restaurant also serves up chocolate & cognac flambé, pineapple and cream in southern comfort or orange and Cointreau flambé.

If you’re after something with a little less alcohol Le Crepe Rit have on offer, strawberry and marshmallow, honey and almond or banana and chocolate.


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