Planning Epic Liverpool Stag Parties with Signature Living

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to organise a stag party in Liverpool that will go down in history.

Fear not soldier we have a crack team of Liverpool experts at Signature Living on hand to help you succeed in your mission.

No other Liverpool hotel is better equipped to arrange a stag party in Liverpool with military precision.

At ease soldier, we’ve got your back.

Mission objective #1: find the best barracks

As long as you have the numbers, we’ll take care of the rest. Our Ultimate Signature Living party apartments can sleep a squadron of stags no matter what the size.

Our smallest party apartment can sleep 5 and the largest 30, fear not you won’t be bunking up in tiny cot beds with us. Oh, no!

At Signature Living we provide only the best comfortable double beds, with plush and luxurious linen. Even though our beds are soft and cosy, don’t be fooled at Signature Living we mean business when it comes to Liverpool stag parties.

Mission objective #2: Uniform ideas

This isn’t our first rodeo cadet!

We’ve seen our fair share of fabulously attired guys heading out into Liverpool.

During Grand National weekend, we even saw a man dressed as a horse wearing a suit.

The best thing about Signature Living’s party accommodation is our themes. Once you have selected the ideal room with us, use the theme for your squadrons uniform.

For example:

Bond suite = Secret agents and the stag as the beautiful Bond girl

Burlesque = we suggest fishnets and lace up bodices

Iconic Apartments = choose your favourite stars of sound and screen

An endless source of inspiration can be found with Signature Living. We expect nothing but the best from your stag party in Liverpool.

Mission objective #3: tasty sustenance

We will make sure you and your platoon are well fed and ready for your mission.

It’s true that Liverpool has a great selection of tasty fast food outlets, but don’t ruin our training by just going into any old regular.

Instead let us recommend some of the finer eating establishments in the city.

Mission objective #4: Alcohol

An essential for any successful stag party in Liverpool is a decent selection of premium drinks.

Signature Living staff are prepped and ready to provide your party with a welcome selection of your stag’s favourite tipple.

welcome drinks stag party in Liverpool

Upon check in a giant bucket of beers on ice will welcome your squad into the suite. To push the boat out we can help you arrange for a bottles of the stag’s favourite whiskey to be placed into specially designed wall niches.

Our Ultimate party apartments provide nothing but the best for men of honour on a mission to make this the most unforgettable stag party in Liverpool.

Mission objective #5: Establish nightlife venues

On this your penultimate mission objective, Signature Living have expert advice on how to navigate the city.

Our team are equipped with inside information regarding Liverpool’s most exclusive nightlife venues.

Prior to your arrival our crack team of Liverpool experts will arrange for your group to be put on guest lists for the most exciting venues in Liverpool.


Not only will Signature Living assist in planning the ideal route across the city we can provide you and the guys a base of operations right inside Signature Living hotel.

Bar Signature and our exclusive nightclub Noctua are within ideal proximity to our Liverpool accommodation. So, close in fact that any fallen comrades can be carried back to the barracks and not jeopardise the entire mission.

Bar Signature and Noctua are located inside Signature Living hotel, and make a great place to start and end a fabulous stag party in Liverpool.

Mission objective #6: Have an epic night

If we work together in harmony when planning the most amazing stag party in Liverpool, you can guarantee the night will go down in history.

Signature Living make the perfect support team for any best man tasked with organising a stag night with military precision.

Our amazing Liverpool accommodation, fabulously helpful staff and superb access to Liverpool’s most exciting nightlife ensure we deliver only the best.

Signing off

Book your stag party in Liverpool now, then call our team and let them assist with the details. Your contact is reachable on 0151 459 4101 or via secure email at Good luck soldier!

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