Ready to Go: Meet the Signature Fit Club Team!

Signature Fit Club is officially launching tomorrow, and we couldn’t be more excited. Our unique boutique gym is bringing Liverpool a fresh take on fitness, with an atmosphere that keeps you pumped up and ready to go.

When you want to reach your true potential, it’s never a bad idea to have a helping hand. And luckily, we’ve got the best of the best. Our highly skilled trainers come from a variety of fitness backgrounds. They’re ready to ease you through your journey each step of the way.

Fusing together their diverse experience, they can help you work towards your goals at a pace that suits you. Your level of fitness is no obstacle, so to get moving in the right direction, check out our amazing trainers and find out who could be best for you.

Bern – A Martial Arts and Fitness Pro

Bern has been in martial arts and fitness for over 40 years. And he’s not afraid to set you a challenge! But don’t worry, Bern only sets goals that come from understanding your individual ability and aspirations.

Bern will work you hard but he’s a nice guy! He wants you to keep motivated with training sessions that you love.

Lewis – Army Trained and Ready to Train You

A former professional kickboxer, Lewis won a gold medal in the world championship in Thailand in 2008. A Level 3 PT Coach and currently studying sports nutrition, there’s no doubt that Lewis has the expertise to guide you along the path of health and fitness.

Lewis served five years in the army and he won’t take any prisoners! If you’re looking for someone to keep you feeling upbeat and motivated, he’s the go-to guy.

Neil – All Round Mr Nice Guy

Neil has been involved in martial arts and fitness for over 20 years. Neil has trained champions and been trained by them. It’s safe to say that he knows his stuff when it comes to great coaching.

An all-around Mr Nice Guy, you don’t need to worry about learning as you go. He’s happy to share his wisdom and guide you through obstacles along the way.

Steph – Girl Power in Action

Don’t be deceived by Steph’s youthful looks! She’s ready to put the girl power into action at full force. When it comes to martial arts, Steph has over 15 years of experience. And after training in a male-dominated environment, she’s not afraid to show the guys that they’ve met their match!

A Level 3 PT and a lecturer of Level 3 BTEC in Sports Science and Education, there are few with better guidance for reaching your goals.

Kristian – From Badminton to Bodybuilding 

A beast in the gym, Kristian’s fitness background began on the badminton court. Following a successful youth career as a national badminton player, Kristian has worked in the fitness industry for 6 years.

The winner of the North-West title in bodybuilding, there’s no doubt that Kristian understands a difficult journey first-hand. He’s learnt how to turn hard-work and determination into success.

Tom – Keeping You On Your Toes

Tom’s philosophy is centred on movement. He simply believes that people need to move more to create an efficient, lean and strong body. A Level 3 PT, he spent the last 4 years dedicating himself to broadening his expertise through research and coaching.

For those who believe that health and fitness are a lifestyle choice, you’ll find Tom on the same page. He’s qualifying as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and a Nutrition for Health Consultant.

Sharon – Tackling Fitness and Stress

Ideal for those who work 9-5 in a stressful job, Sharon has worked in a corporate environment herself. So, when the pressure is on, Sharon knows exactly how to target your stress and channel it into an effective workout. In fact, she’s a qualified Level 3 PT and a Sports Therapist.

With all of that under her belt, it’s no wonder that she has such an impressive client list. Sharon’s clients range from mums and children to professionals and high-profile figures. Putting her passion for health and mental well-being first, Sharon loves to see her all clients leave a session feeling strong and at ease.

To get involved with Signature Fit Club, a new boutique gym in Liverpool,  you can check out the latest news and information over at Signature Fit Club.

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