Scouse Sayings You’ll Need During a Weekend at Signature Living

You’ve done your research for this trip, you’ve been picking out the best Liverpool bars, studying the nicest Liverpool restaurants and choosing the most fun weekend activities for months, and now the day has finally arrived. Your weekend in Liverpool can begin.

You and your friends are about to embark on the most memorable short city break to Liverpool so, for a bit of fun or even to try and blend in a little here’s a list of Scouse words to help your way around Liverpool like only a Scouser can.

Terms of praise or general wellness.

Knowing the basics is a good place to start your weekend in Liverpool. To help you express your satisfaction after enjoying a nice meal or to show you are happy to a Scouser use one of these specific terms.


Definition: Incredibly Awesome

Use: Our Signature Living hotel room is Boss

Signature Hotel Casino party apartment


Definition: Cool or Good

Use: The bar staff at Bar Signature are Sound


Definition: Go Ahead

Use: G’wed girl those dance moves are Boss

Made Up

Definition: Happy

Use: Check out my new shoes from Liverpool One, I’m totally made up

Liverpool fashion terms

Being a city that is always at the forefront of style and fashion trends, Liverpool naturally has its very own language to describe certain parts of their attire. You can follow along by learning all of these essential style phrases.


Definition: Trainers

Use: Is there a shop nearby where I can purchase some new Trabs?


Definition: Also, Trainers

Use: I love those webs, where can I get them?


Definition: pants or trousers

Use: which one of you knicked me kecks from my case?


Definition: Glasses

Use: gonna need my bins today the sun is blinding

Food and Drink

On your wild weekend in Liverpool, there’s a number of delicious restaurants to eat at. You may even be lucky enough to be invited by a Scouser to join them for a meal or a drink, but they won’t ask you using those exact words.


Definitions: Drink

Use: hey love, you’re gorgeous! You wanna come for a bevvy later?


Definition: Food

Use: I’m gonna take you for a top scran cos your fit

Should the weather be considerably warm on your weekend in Liverpool you may even come across the term;

Lolly Ice

Definition: Ice Lolly

Use: it’s absolutely roasting, do you fancy a Lolly Ice?

Sometimes you may prefer to eat or drink in your hotel room before heading out on the town. In this case, you’ll need directions to the nearest convenience store or supermarket. Here’s what you need to ask for;

Here’s what you need to ask for;

The Asda

Definition: Asda

Use: Where’s The Asda in Liverpool?


Definition: Off licence

Use: we need some drinks for in our room, where’s the nearest Offy?

Navigate the humour

The most widely used form of Scouse humour is banter born from ridicule. In short, Scousers like to mock or scorn you but all in jest, therefore, the following terms will often be used in good humour. Just be prepared with a scathing come back when you know they are not.


Definition: Mess

Use: your makeup looks an absolute show


Definition: an expression or disgust or disapproval

Use: Eee look at her fake tan


Definition: Crazy or Weird

Use: I’d steer clear of her she’s gone west


Definition: A gentle insult meaning stupid or idiot

Use: just ignore her love she’s a bit of a meff


Definition: Someone who’s from the surrounding areas of Liverpool

Use: ‘on to him thinking he’s from town, what a wool.

Anyone of these phrases can be used in jest, as Scousers are famous for being kind and inviting your unlikely to encounter any of these terms as actual insults.

WARNING: Whatever you do DO NOT direct one of these at an actual Scouser, they’ll rip into their vast repertoire of comical insults and you’ll never recover.

A Roundup of Essential Phrases

These are the odd words you may need during a day to day conversation with a Scouser, words that you may encounter making small talk at the bus stop or whilst joining in a group chat in a bar.


Definition: Freezing cold

Use: its Baltic today innit?

In Bulk

Definition: Laughing a lot

Use: he was so funny he had me in bulk

Geggin in

Definition: Being nosey

Eee, stop geggin in

Note: this can also be used in a singular form to describe being uninvited or joining in/sharing something. For

EG. you could Geg in on a taxi or Geg in on somebodies pizza.


Definition: Fake

Use: aw love where’d you get those trabs they’re well jarg

There you have it, a boss little guide to the beautiful language of the Scouser. Use it well to navigate your way through the weekend in Liverpool putting to good use your new-found knowledge of a language that makes the beloved Scouser so endearing.

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