Signature Living Announces Alma De Cuba Plans

Yesterday it was announced that Signature Living has successfully purchased Alma De Cuba, a popular city centre bar & restaurant.

Located on Seel Street, in the heart of Liverpool’s thriving Ropewalks district, Alma de Cuba is popular with diners, drinkers and brunchers looking a fantastic experience, day and night.

We’re excited to announce that Signature Living has purchased the venue and we’re really looking forward to evolving the already popular site. Alma De Cuba is a landmark destination in Liverpool and we’re keen to preserve its Latin American carnival theme and expand this into a hotel which we’re hoping to build next door.

People come from all over the UK and Europe to experience a night of fine
dining, delicious drinks and carnival dancers and we want to build on their experience by ensuring they can enjoy Alma De Cuba for their entire stay in Liverpool.

alma-de-cubaSignature Living Owner, Lawrence Kenwright said; “This is yet another landmark moment for Signature Living.

“We are a growing company with great ambitions, and the Alma De Cuba brand is now very much part of that both in Liverpool and beyond.”

We announced yesterday that we will be slightly be refreshing the interiors of the current site but would not be making any drastic alterations.

Signature Living wants the world to know about Alma De Cuba which is why we plan on taking the brand nationwide.

Housed inside the former Catholic Church of St Peter, this building holds so much grandeur and history which Alma De Cuba really celebrates. We’re excited to add a new high-end entertainment during the week to keep up with the venues popular weekend events.

The Alma De Cuba hotel would be based next to the venue on land which is currently being used as a car park. Subject to finalising a deal on the land and being granted planning permission, we’re looking forward to developing plans for a 300 room, luxury hotel.

This is hugely exciting and we’re really looking forward to taking Alma De Cuba to the next step.

Read more about our purchase of Alma De Cuba here.

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