Signature Living Dominates TripAdvisor’s Top Liverpool Hotels

Signature Living prides itself on providing our guests with luxury accommodation and a service that ensures all of our guests leave with a smile on their face. Signature Living has helped to revolutionise the accommodation and hospitality market in Liverpool and the proof is in the pudding as not one, not two but three of our hotels feature in the top five on travel review site TripAdvisor.

As Signature Living continues to expand its wide portfolio of properties, it comes as no surprise that the company boasts the highest occupancy rate in Liverpool, with 30 James Street, The Shankly Hotel, and Signature Living Hotel all maintaining occupancy rates of over an astonishing 90%.

A truly remarkable achievement and a testament to the work local developer Lawrence Kenwright and partner Katie Kenwright have done expanding the city of Liverpool as a worldwide tourist destination.

A Tourism Powerhouse

Liverpool is an amazing city that attracts millions of visitors every year. After being awarded European Capital of Culture, the city has gone from strength to strength and is now a tourism powerhouse in not only the North, but the entire country.

This emergence of Liverpool as a premier destination for visitors from across the world requires a high quality of accommodation to provide travellers with the best place in the city to rest their head.

Lawrence Kenwright first recognised the potential for Liverpool and the vision for Signature Living and all our ventures in 2008, when the very first group accommodation apartment was opened. From there, the Signature family has gone from strength to strength, with the majority of the top hotels in Liverpool being operated by our hardworking and dedicated teams.

Perfect Party Hotel

party break in Liverpool - Signature Living hotel

Signature Living’s first hotel development, the Signature Living Hotel on Stanley Street, is a prominent and enduring feature on TripAdvisor’s Top Liverpool Hotels. With 90% of reviews on rating the hotel as with the highest review of ‘Excellent and a further 7% rating the hotel as “Very Good”, it’s clear that the specialist group-accommodation hotel is a favourite amongst visitors to Liverpool.

Liverpool hotels, party apartment, Liverpool accommodation
Signature Living Hotel, on Stanley Street in the centre of Liverpool

Over 1500 reviews have been left on the Cavern Quarter hotel, with many describing their love for the fantastic value for money, beautiful furnishings and ease of access to Liverpool’s thriving nightlife. Signature Living Hotel is a the perfect place for an unforgettable party in the heart of Liverpool.

Shankly comes in second only to Signature Hotel

Shankly Hotel - Liverpool hotels

Another firm favourite in the TripAdvisor reviews is Victoria Street’s The Shankly Hotel. The Bill Shankly themed hotel is a lasting tribute to a hero of Merseyside and welcomes the reds and the blues to unite in their appreciation for one of the best things to happen to Liverpool Football Club.

With the popular Bastion Bar and Restaurant establishing itself as a standalone place to eat, a museum to the life of Bill Shankly and some of the most beautiful suites in the whole of Liverpool, it’s easy to see why 81% of people gushed about how fantastic their stay was with The Shankly Hotel.

Shankly hotel room - top 5 Liverpool hotels

The Shankly Hotel is ideal for those football fans that want a luxurious experience, but also want to indulge in the history of the game or sit back and watch high-profile sports on wide-screen TVs; what better way to experience all of this than in the heart of the greatest city in the world?

The Home of the Titanic in Liverpool

30 James Street - top 5 Liverpool hotels

30 James Street is one of Signature Living’s proudest achievements, the former home The Titanic has been transformed from a rotting eyesore, beautifully restored to its former glory and becoming a beacon for visitors from all over the world. Arguably one of Signature Living’s most well-known hotels, 30 James Street has been host to many fabulous weddings and proms since its opening in 2014.

30 James Street - top 5 Liverpool hotels

Once the Headquarters for the White Star Line, this Titanic-inspired hotel is a hit with guests. The hotel has been reviewed more than 3500 times and 80% of people loved their stay and everything they experienced with us. The TripAdvisor reviews are a testament to the superb work that has been carried out on this Grade II listed building and comments that single out the care we have taken to restore the building make us proud to have turned this building into the stunning hotel it is today.

It’s All thanks to our Guests

We believe that there is only one way to tell what any of our hotels are really like, and that is to ask your guests.

To us, it’s obvious we are doing some wonderful things in the hospitality sector of Liverpool judging by the sheer amount of “Excellent” reviews across the board. Signature Living Group are doing this great city justice by providing a quality service to all their guests with a personal touch.

Signature Living has made a positive impact on the city, by creating jobs and apprenticeships for hundreds of local people, while remaining true to themselves in keeping the integrity and character of the listed buildings they renovate and give a new lease of life too.

We look forward to the continued success of our business’ in both Liverpool and in other venues all over the UK.

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