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Tired of the same old same old when choosing hotel accommodation? Finding most affordable hotels are decorated with the easy to maintain style of décor, rather than décor to wow? Little thought is seemingly put into how you, a guest, would choose one hotel room from another. Fear no more as Signature Living take the stage.


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“When Katie and Lawrence flex their creativity in Liverpool it rains in New York.”

The Signature Effect is to the accommodation industry, what the Butterfly effect is to the world. Their inspirational approach to new and exciting accommodation venues in Liverpool leaves guests discussing experiences across review and social media sites for the world to see. Their accommodation themed round tastes of the exotic, iconic and intriguing, draws in vast attention captivating the attention and imagination of their intended audiences and with property developments due to spill outside of their home cities limits, the Signature Effect will soon be felt to ripple the world.


Long ago, some hotel experiences left Lawrence pondering what exactly he was paying for when staying away from home. A poor stag experience in Newcastle and a larger than expected exit bill from another stay away, sparked a beginning of something spectacular. Lawrence and Katie’s main aim to ensure guests a personal service throughout their stay, being achieved through an ethos that starts with them and ends with each and every member of their staff. However, this could not be put into place without first ensuring guests chose Signature Living as their place to stay. Tempting travellers into the fold of Signature Living the need to stand out from others immerged, giving guests a chance to then be dazzled by the service of its staff members. Behold a the theme was born.


Frequent city travellers choose hotels or apartments depending on their needs. Gone are the times when a basic bed, in a beige room with identical layouts is acceptable. An alternative impression, be it the location or the décor, is nice to get a sense of the area being visited. The more individual the better, and when teamed with an air of native historical significance, you can bet the hotel with a difference will get more custom than the beige box. Signature Living achieve this special something extra, allowing each guest a more memorable experience.

The first of their themed enterprises at Stanley Street in Liverpool, a 5-million-pound restoration project, that converted an 1884 teahouse into the city centre themed group accommodation we have today. Instead of separating spacious floors into as many beige box rooms as possible, the aim was to bring guests together in suites accommodating 4+ at the very least. These floors were also constructed in such a way that the separate suites could be combined, when required, to sleep up to 26 bodies in luxury and style. Even though each room or suite has its own individual layout and facilities, Katie and Lawrence aimed to have parties sharing their experience as a collective, therefore each floor (or half floor as you reach the higher suites) has its own cohesive theme.


As inspiration for the themes at Signature Living’s Aparthotel, movies of iconic, mysterious and intriguing natures were chosen. Catering to both genders and aiming to captivate their key audiences, of stag and hen parties, from the seductive Burlesque themed second floor to the secret agent themed Bond Duplex, each room having a décor to match the nature of its channelled movie.


The Burlesque themed floor (featured above) is inspired by the later American style of Burlesque which garnered a risqué nature around the 1930’s, having moved on from the original 1700’s meaning of a display of comedy or satire. The striking ruby red walls and opulent furnishings, transport guests to that world of mystery and intrigue we recognise today, from the popularity of Paris’ Moulin Rouge and characters such as Dita von Teese with her Art of the Tease.

A perfect nod to a hen party themed stay away, or just a reason to bring out the inner minxes from a group of ladies looking to take Liverpool by storm. The Burlesque floor can accommodate your group of up to 26 guests and is a great place to bring your sexy back.

This being just one of the options available to parties at the Signature Living Aparthotel, further care and attention has been spent on engaging guests with each themed floor. Step into the movie star style suites and create some group memories worth sharing.


Another exciting venture that took Liverpool’s hotel industry by storm would be Signature Living’s Bold Street Apartments. Stemming from Lawrence’s love for the historical architecture of Liverpool, Bold Street’s Apartments serve as testament to what Signature Living can do when bringing such glorious buildings back to the forefront of today’s attentions.

Continuing on from the Aparthotel, the Bold Street apartments hold themes of the iconic, mysterious and intriguing. With thought provoking titles such as The Vault, located in what was once the vault of the Liverpool Savings Bank (seen above) and The Masonic, there is always an underlying tone of an alternative lifestyle, whether in past or present times, that provokes a guest’s curiosities.

The Mystery of Masons

The Masonic Apartments are named such, as a nod to the Masonic Society and their former occupation of the Bold Street facing room. This main room is said to have been the boardroom for the group in the early 1900’s, a point when Bold Street was bustling with the slave trade and ship building business’. The mystery surrounding the Masons and their clandestine meetings is famous the world over, Lawrence and Katie have adapted this to their benefit, adding to the theme of intrigue they continue through their ventures. The suggestion that there is more to be discovered is underlying in all the Signature Living properties.

The historical luxury throughout the interior design is evident upon entering the building, the sense of grandeur being immediate with the original sweeping staircase remaining intact. Lofty ceilings and echoing spaces immediately provoke visitors to imagine the hustle and bustle that once passed through these hallways.

The Masonic Apartments have been transformed into an airy and bright accommodation for those groups looking to party together through the day and into the night. The luxury tone is continued with facilities being of the most opulent and extravagant available.

Just one of the apartments in this historical location, accommodating 16-30 guests, potential visitors can pick anyone of the Bold Street accommodations and enjoy a stay making an impression to last a lifetime.

Just a small selection of ventures which Katie and Lawrence have pioneered for their unique and stylish visions. Others include 30 James Street Home of the Titanic, perhaps their most daring undertaking to date. With more enterprises on the horizon, the Signature Living brand will continue to dazzle and amaze, as Katie and Lawrence apply their own creative imprint on the future of hotel accommodation as we know it.

We look forward to developments with anticipation and intrigue, where or when will the Signature Effect be felt next?


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