Signature Living Named one of the Most Inspiring Businesses in Britain

London Stock Exchange’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ report shows that UK businesses, most notably our very own Signature Living, are continuing to grow in strength and success. Playing an integral role in Liverpool’s growing tourism industry, Signature Living is proud to have contributed to Liverpool’s expansion – and is even prouder to be listed amongst so many successful and prosperous businesses.

But the hard work doesn’t stop there; we, at Signature Living, are always looking to expand, prosper and push the envelope – because that’s what we do.

London Stock Exchange’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’

London Stock Exchange’s ‘1000 Companies to Inspire Britain’ report includes numerous Liverpool businesses, such as construction giants Vermont, care home operators Potens and, most importantly, hotelier Signature Living.

The list takes into account average annual turnover over a three-year period and revenues in the £6m to £250m annual turnover range and, although this is important to Signature Living, chairman Lawrence Kenwright is more concerned about job creation and Liverpool’s exponential growth. Signature Living is proud to have created over 2,000 jobs in Liverpool alone, and to have contributed to the 11,100 jobs created over the past two years by featured businesses based in the region.

Signature Living

Founder Lawrence Kenwright – who recently delivered a Ted Talk on ‘entrepreneurial socialism’ – said: “The listing by the London Stock Exchange shows the strength and forward trajectory for Signature Living. We’re proud to be listed amongst so many of Britain’s flourishing and successful businesses.”

David Schwimmer, who curates the London Stock Exchange’s list, echoed Lawrence’s thoughts: “[These businesses] drive growth, innovation and job creation and are the lifeblood of the British economy. We believe that supporting the growth of these businesses is critical to the UK economy and the creation of a society that works for everyone.”

Everyone who works at Signature Living is honoured and proud to have played a part in the company’s success and we know that Liverpool is to.

From Strength to Strength

It’s not easy to make the Stock Exchange’s list; it takes hard work, dedication and the courage to think outside the box. Luckily Lawrence, and Signature Living in general, have these qualities in abundance.

Signature Living is the name behind some of Liverpool’s most loved and highest rated hotels and apartments, each providing something completely unique. From the revolutionary party apartments on Victoria and Mathew Street to the absolutely stunning 30 James Street, Signature Living have been providing guests with a superb experience for over a decade.

And if you thought that was everything then think again, as Signature Living is also the brain behind the Arthouse Hotel on Bold Street and Alma de Cuba, which is one of Liverpool’s best loved bars. And as recently as 2019, Signature Living have acquired Cavan Walks – which is soon to be transformed into a music-themed hotel. And lets not forget The Funchal – a £4m floating beach club that’s to set sail next year.

Signature Living Hotels

A growing passion for history saw the Kenwrights acquire Albion House, which once served as The White Star Line’s headquarters. Each room inside the hotel celebrates a connection to the world’s most famous vessel and pays homage to Titanic’s luxurious design.

But, as you’ve probably guessed, there’s absolutely no slowing Signature Living and the Kenwrights down. We opened The Exchange Hotel in 2017.

We mean, is there any wonder we’ve made the London Stock Exchange’s list.

We couldn’t be happier to be listed amongst the top 1,000 inspiring businesses in the UK and we hope that you can join us to celebrate. Book one of our amazing group accommodation suites here or contact our friendly team on 0151 459 4101.

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