Signature Living’s Ultimate Love Island Dictionary

The sun is out, our water bottles are at the ready, and this year’s Love Island contestants are preparing for take off. And we’re just a little bit excited!

From ‘mugging off’ to ‘getting the ick’, Love Island lingo is made up of some weird and wonderful phrases. And with a long hot summer ahead, we thought we’d refresh your memory.

So, we hereby bring you the Signature Living Love Island Dictionary…

My Type On Paper

Definition: When someone ticks all the boxes (but they might not be your type in person).

Example: The Islanders, particularly Amber, letting us know that in fact, a lot of people were their ‘type on paper’…

The Ick

Definition: When one little thing puts you off someone…and then it just won’t stop.

Example: Olivia getting ‘the ick’ with Sam. “It’s just ick. I can’t shake it off” she told the camera.


Eggs in One Basket

Definition: To commit to one person and stop keeping your options open.

Example: Amber finally putting all her eggs in one basket with Kem.


Mugged Off

Definition: To be lied to, cheated on and so on.

Example: When Olivia coupled up with someone new and Chris was left looking a little like this…



Definition: A bit of an idiot.

Example: The time Theo called Jonny “a tuna melt”…and few people disagreed!

love island

Little Bit Leave It

Definition: Still not really sure, but Chris and Kem seem to know!

Example: The Love Island rap born from this iconic bromance.


I Got a Text

Definition: That dreaded text (while we sit at home with popcorn watching everything fall apart).

Example: As seen below…



Definition: Being rejected or dumped, aka ‘pied’.

Example: All the times poor Sam got rejected, which he may be counting below…



Definition: The first half of the name of Marcel’s former band…Blazin’ Squad.

Example: Marcel name-dropping the Blazin’ Squad WHEREVER he could.

love island


Definition: Finding out someone has gone behind your back, being ‘snakey’.

Example: The entire country going to work angry at Jonny, after Cam cried in the kitchen.

We won’t lie, we’re excited to see what this year’s contestants bring to the Love Island dictionary. Let’s just hope they’re our type on paper.

Since we’re yet to be disappointed, we suspect the summer will have its fair share of Love Island memes and hilarious moments.

So if you’d like to stay like an Islander, look no further than our latest packages. In the meantime, you can keep up with Signature news over on our Facebook.

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