Signature Living is Proud to Support Upcoming Homeless Event

When working in a city centre, daily encounters of extreme poverty or homelessness can become the norm. From your morning walk into work or during your lunch break you could easily encounter 4-5 people, begging for change or searching through rubbish bins.

Scenes like these may become so day to day that eventually you start to assume it’s the way things are, or even worse you begin to ignore it.

Homelessness is a standard we should never get used to, no matter how often we are faced with extreme poverty we should never be able to ignore it. You may, however, find yourself wondering what effect you as an individual could have towards tackling such a massive issue.

The answer is to donate more than just your spare change, something much more valuable, give someone your spare time.

Making a true difference when it comes to addressing Liverpool’s homeless issues are The City of Liverpool College. Having organised a full day of volunteer-based support towards the homeless community the college opened its doors on the 2nd of June to those in need and others wanting to help.

Hosting a free breakfast and lunch service the supporting volunteers are providing vital services that could give an individual that chance to move on from difficult circumstances.



This chance may come from a change of clothing, hot shower, meals or toiletries, the open day will aim to encourage some positivity in those who have experienced extreme poverty. Wishing to provide attendees with a welcome break from their day to day struggles, those in need will be pampered with massages, barbering services and manicures whilst being entertained by student bands.

All this in the hopes of giving attendees just a few moments to forget their troubles and see the potential for a brighter future.

The open day is also a platform aiming to educate those in need about the health services available to them as well as discussing options for improving their future at The Whitechapel Centre. During the open day, volunteers will be highlighting available pathways to enter into short-term crisis courses and educational services, including college courses and apprenticeships.

Signature Living are one amongst many of Liverpool’s leading business’ to provide financial support in sponsoring the day.

We are proud to be assisting those providing life-changing care to people in need. Such an important cause deserves the attention of our city and the rest of the UK, in support of those making headway in the fight to tackle homelessness on a wider scales.

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