Signature Living’s Best Moments of 2019 So Far

What an absolutely amazing year we’ve had at Signature Living so far. Over the past seven months, we’ve launched a whole host of new and exciting ventures – from new hotels in Liverpool to more personal achievements, such as our chairman, Lawrence Kenwright, sharing his passion and delivering an inspiring Ted Talk on Entrepreneurial Socialism.

Thanks to the hard work and sheer determination of the entire Signature Living team, we are pleased to have been recognised by the London Stock Exchange – among other awarding bodies – for being one of the most inspiring, innovative and forward-thinking companies in Britain. Looking back on the last few months, we can embrace and look forward to what the rest of 2019 has in store.

But first, we thought it apt to look back at some of our very best moments from 2019 so far.

We Opened The Dixie Dean Hotel

Signature Living

On Friday 12 July, we launched The Dixie Dean Hotel, a brand-new hotel in Liverpool dedicated to Dixie Dean. In typical Signature Living style, we marked the occasion with an absolutely star-studded event as guests such as Graeme Sharp, Neville Southall, Steve Timothy and Anthony Russell came along to wish us well.

In mid-July, as blue ticker tape trickled down from the sky Lawrence, a boyhood Evertonian, fulfilled his lifelong ambition to open an Everton-themed hotel in Liverpool. Described as an “honour” and “a dream come true” by Lawrence, he watched on, his face beaming with pride, as Melanie Prentice – Dixie Dean’s granddaughter – and her mum Barbara, cut the ribbon to the hotel.

Signature Living

Speaking to Mel and Barbara earlier in the year, Dixie’s granddaughter said she “couldn’t wait” to see the hotel open and, six months later, she got her wish.

Furthermore, located in the heart of The Dixie Dean Hotel is The No9 Bar and Restaurant, a stunningly exclusive restaurant in Liverpool. Opened on Friday 19 July, The No9 celebrates an eminent piece of Everton history and is designed with this in mind.

The No9’s menu is a culinary extravaganza. From delicious homemade dishes to a la carte food, the restaurant is already a welcomed addition to the catalogue of restaurants in Liverpool.

Signature Living

Set to introduce more rooms throughout 2019, there are no limits to our imagination when it comes to opening hotels in Liverpool. We can say, with confidence, that things are only going to get better as the year develops.

For now, however, book your stay at The Dixie Dean Hotel here – and get ready for the most amazing stay ever.

Lawrence Kenwright Delivers a Ted Talk

July was a busy month for Signature Living. We opened The Dixie Dean Hotel and Lawrence delivered his first Ted Talk, taking part in the global Ted Talk initiative in which influential and inspiring people talk about their careers in business.

Lawrence, an extremely successful developer and hotel operator, gave his Ted Talk on his philosophy of “entrepreneurial socialism.” Addressing a packed audience of North West business leaders and entrepreneurs in Northwich, Lawrence used the platform to talk about Signature Living’s philanthropic endeavours – something, as a company, we are very proud of.

“Successful business leaders have a moral obligation to be charitable and invest in people to give them better life chances,” said Lawrence.

Our chairman did a great job of explaining how far we’ve come as a company in 2019, exclaiming: “We’ve invested in apprenticeship schemes and introduced a living wage. It’s about giving back.”

Signature Living

Not wanting to sing his own praises, we thought it appropriate to point out the important work Lawrence, and wife Katie, do in Liverpool. From providing for ‘looked after children’ to working with the homeless, they really do make us proud.

That said, Lawrence’s excellent Ted Talk gave everyone an insight into the man we see every day here, at Signature Living.

Cotton Street Guests are Now Clean

Back in October 2018, we opened Cotton Street – a unique homeless shelter with a long-term initiative. And now, nine months on, that long-term initiative is starting to show signs of progress.

Over the last couple of years, Liverpool has seen a sharp incline in the number of homeless people – and, despite our best efforts, the homelessness epidemic shows no signs of letting up. That said, Cotton Street continues to fight for those seemingly cast aside by society.

In March, we caught up with Mark Anthony Clutton, a former drug addict who admitted to using 20 bags of crack cocaine and heroin a day. Due to the support provided by the Cotton Street project, Mark is now in recovery and admitted to feeling “like a new man.”

On the same day, we checked in on John, another ex-heroin addict who was sleeping on the sleeps. Thanks to the support of the Cotton Street project, John has been able to turn his life around. “I was at death’s door but the people at Cotton Street actually believe in me. They’ll go the extra mile for you,” said John.

We can’t wait to check back in on Mark, John and the rest of our guests at Cotton Street in another six months’ time to see how they’re progressing in 2020.

We’ve Welcomed Some celebrity Friends

This year, we’ve welcomed a few famous people into our bars, restaurants, hotels and gyms. From Hollywood megastars to legendary rap groups, celebrities love Signature Living.

One celebrity in particular who loves our venues is none other than Tom Hardy. Back in 2017, Tom stayed in The Shankly Hotel, before gate crashing a 30th birthday party in the Laurent Perrier Room – which you can book here.

Fast forward to 2019, and the Peaky Blinders star was back again, only on this occasion he was working out in Signature Fit Club. Tom had a sparring session with Liverpool boxer Jack Bierne and partook in a martial arts class.

But that’s not all: in June, legendary hip-hop group The Sugar Hill Gang performed in The Garden of Eden Suite. We even managed to grab an interview with Grandmaster Mele Mel and co. on The Shankly Hotel rooftop.

Other celebrities who we’ve crossed paths with this year so far include Everton legends Neville Southall, Graeme Sharp and Ian Snodin, X-Factor Finalist Anthony Russell and the entire cast of Love Island.

We absolutely love welcoming a few famous faces to our hotels, bars and restaurants – and we can’t wait to welcome a few more later this year.

Rainhill Hall Wedding Fair

Last year was a huge year for Signature Living Weddings – and 2019 has been and promises to be even bigger. Signature Living Weddings prides itself on offering couples the opportunity to plan their dream wedding – so much so that in July we’re hosting The Rainhill Hall Wedding Fair.

Located just on the outskirts of Liverpool, our wedding fair is set to showcase a whole host of suppliers and designers, whose sole purpose is to make your wedding day a success.

What promises to be a truly magical event, the Rainhill Hall Wedding Fair is set to be a huge success.

As you can see, 2019 has already been quite an incredible year for Signature Living – but were only just getting started.

To book any of our upcoming events, visit our website here and sign off the last few months of 2019 in Signature Living-esque style.

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