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As one of the most successful property developers in the North West, Lawrence Kenwright has truly made his mark on the accommodation market in the UK.

Lawrence went from losing everything to creating a portfolio of over 13 properties in the UK and with exciting expansion plans in Wales and Marbella, Signature Living shows no signs of slowing down.

But throughout both his hard times and success, Lawrence and his wife Katie have consistently supported charities and organisations which make a real difference to those in need.

The couple host an annual Kids Christmas Party at their 30 James Street Hotel, which is dedicated to children in care. They enjoy a Christmas dinner, disco, some exciting gifts and they even have the chance to see Santa in his grotto and meet some celebrity guests.

Kids Christmas Party at 30 James Street

Furthermore, just a few months ago after an appeal from an Alder Hay sister Sharon Greenwood, the Kenwright’s donated hundreds of blankets to Alder Hay’s intensive care unit to keep new-born babies warm and comfortable during a very difficult time.

But for his latest charitable contribution, Lawrence left his hometown of Liverpool and headed to Hackney in North East London.

Years ago Lawrence built a playground for disabled children through the charity KIDS, who care for over 8,000 disabled children, young people and their families each year. KIDS help children with disabilities to gain independence, social skills and self-confidence through a unique set of services which are situated throughout the UK.

The Adventure Playground is an exciting and colourful green space situated in Hackney where children can play safely in an environment which is supportive of their requirements.

Lawrence hid his true identity as a millionaire in order to go behind the scenes as a benefactor for the show Undercover Angel on National Geographic. He recently returned to reopen the playground but before he could cut the ribbon, Lawrence had an exciting and emotional announcement to make.

He revealed that the next contribution he would be making towards The Adventure Playground and KIDS Hackney was a massive £20k. The charity is currently experiencing massive financial challenges and Lawrence wanted to do all he could to ensure the centre stays open.

We are very excited to share an exclusive trailer of the amazing National Geographic project and we can’t wait for the full show to be aired.


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