Signature Living’s Version of ‘Big Brother’ Headlines in the ECHO

Signature Living hit Liverpool’s headlines again with their newest and greatest addition in luxury group accommodation. The ECHO announced the arrival of our Laurent Perrier Pool room, being a ‘Big Brother’ style hotel room, and it certainly does deliver the wow factor worthy of the comparison.

Continuing on with the theme of lavish luxury, the LP Suite has a décor of plush golden velvet and hand carved gilded woodwork, dripping with the opulence that we associate to Laurent Perrier and in keeping with Signature Living’s existing decadent style.

Set amongst the 4th floor of the award-winning The Shankly Hotel, the LP Suite is a mind-blowing experience for you and 23 guests to have a pool party like no other. With your own private 25ft mosaic pool is set down the centre of the suites ground floor, guests can enjoy a cocktail whilst taking a dip surrounded by their friends.

LP Pool-9

The room boasts 12 double beds spanning across 2 levels, all nestled into secluded wood panelled alcoves with their own ensuite facilities and ceiling mounted flat screen TVs. Each alcove can be curtained off to enjoy privacy from the group when you are all partied out… although we can’t see why you would want the fun to stop.

LP Pool-2

Complete with its own surround sound multimedia system, the room can be filled with your choice of music turning the suite into a private nightclub for you and your guests. Complete with a drop down cinema screen and projector, guests can select their choice of movies, TV or games to expand their entertainment options. Signature Living has left no stone unturned in catering to their guests’ entertainment needs.

As if this isn’t enough, the suite is equipped with its own kitchen allowing guests to cater for themselves, create their own bar area and never feel the need to leave the suite. A private bartender can be arranged to serve drinks to guests or to provide cocktail mixology demonstrations, adding to the VIP Signature Living experience.

The ‘Big Brother’ contestants wish they could live out their competition time in a venue like this. Too bad for them that the LP Suite is reserved for Signature Living guest use only, and even better its popularity has made it unavailable for hire until next year.

Should you wish to get your visit booked in the LP Suite, please call and make your VIP reservation on 0151 236 0166 or email

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