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Liverpool is city that has massively influenced the musical landscape of today. From The Beatles to The Zutons, that is over half a century of contributions from this our fair city. With the emergence of new local talent taking to the stage at most local venues, those contributions are only likely to swell over the next 50 years, and beyond. It’s nice to be able to state that you knew them when they were starting out, and also to know that you supported a bands rise to fame. Being the birth place of so many chart dominating bands, Liverpool has a few top spots where fans can drop in on those undiscovered superstars.

The number one spot The Cavern Club

This world renowned venue has been host to the superstar and the starting out for 70 plus years. It’s back catalogue of performers include Liverpool legends The Beatles, Cilla Black, Queen and Status Quo, to name but a few. Today the venue is host to the occasional start up talent, top quality cover bands and regular acts, famous in their own right, among the people of Liverpool. The venue retains its original underground cool, as attendees enjoy the sounds from the stage underneath archways of ancient brickwork. The phrase “if these walls could talk” is never more relevant than in the depths of The Cavern Club.

More than just hope and tea at Leaf

Set in the heart of Liverpool’s trendy Bold Street area is Leaf. Never an empty seat in the place, visible through the floor to ceiling windows from the street, this venue plays host to many an arty event. The musical talent that graces Leaf’s stages, ranges from DJ sets to lone performers on a stool with naught but their voices and a guitar. Usually home to a great cup of tea, but when the occasion calls for it the shabby chic tables and chairs are packed away and the stage comes out. Performances from established and breakthrough acts are enjoyed throughout the year, open mic nights are a regular chance to catch a glimpse of up and coming talent.

Variety of performance at Camp and Furnace

Should the urge take you to reach for the lasers or if a more laid back night tickles your fancy, either musical appetite can be satisfied within the warehouses of The Baltic Triangle at Camp and Furnace. The stages here have been graced by Liverpool’s local heroes and national artists alike, who take advantage of the vacuous indoor/outdoor performance space, reaching as wide an audience as possible. Best described as an urban festival venue, complete with indoor shrubbery, the only thing missing being the mud and the rain. In anyone of the performance spaces, at any given time guests can experience a plethora of alternative music throughout the year.

Get in The Hold at the Shipping Forecast

A venue that offers patrons beer in a can, or a selection of finest craft ales, is my kind of place. The Shipping Forecasts underbelly, The Hold, has played host to an eclectic gathering of new and emerging musical talents, as well as accommodating those who have reached lofty heights of industry recognition. The Hold is almost cave like, but not to be confused with the nostalgic sounds of The Cavern, has a more modern musical offering gracing its stage. With low ceilings and exposed brick work The Hold only amplifies the musical offerings, ranging from the folksiest of acoustics to the deepest of house, a bit of a “cosy crypt” feel of underground chic.

Let the music attract you to The Magnet


This venue has a recently refurbished theatre style feel, the original venue steeped in the musical history of the city. The Magnet (formerly The Sink) has showcased stars throughout the decades with iconic acts such as Queen having played their first gig here. The Magnet now draws in new and emerging talent, showcasing talent on the brink of national exposure. In 2015, the venue hosted acts such as The Sundowners, now due to headline this year’s Smithdown Road Festival, another, She Drew the Gun, will be gracing the stage at Glastonbury this year. Here you are not likely to be disappointed by the talents on offer, the space being an ideal musical location with the elevated stage and teared dance space and bar, you won’t have to worry about getting a good view of the emerging talent.

Art and music feed your soul at East Village Arts Club

Once a meeting place for The Liverpool Royal Institute, a society promoting literature, science and the arts, in the early 1800s, the East Village Arts Club has an ancient foot hold in Liverpool’s creative scene. The venue still lends itself as a creative space for new musicians and other artists, to showcase their work to the public. Two main spaces, The Loft and The Main Room, fill up regularly with revelers come to witness the local and national talents on offer. Not just a gig venue but also a kitchen, you can nourish your gastronomic appetite, as well as your musical cravings here.

Check out what’s cooking at 24 Kitchen Street

Being recognized as one of Liverpool’s hottest dance music venues, 24 Kitchen Street offers dancers and a stripped back basic venue, focusing on showcasing its performers. A quirky external garden space, set with moody lighting and funky seating, an interior of exposed brick work and wooden ceiling rafters, support the edgy theme of the musical talents showcased here. Mainly the acts on display is of the house, techno and drum n’ bass orientation; however, lately the venue has seen artists from other areas of music come through the doors. With the venue lending itself as such an adaptive creative space, attendees can enjoy the music on offer as much as the surroundings.

Get in on the secret at The Kazimier Gardens

Burrowed into the heart of the city is a secret garden, like no other. This charming space is something you should expect to find in your adventurous landscaper mates back garden. Cobbled together using parts of ancient train station, including an old static train carriage and the control house. An array of old schoolroom stools and a collection of upcycled tables, is a platform under a clock topped pagoda, that serves as the stage. Not like the club nights that were once showcased at the Kazimier Club, the offerings in the garden are of a much more chilled and folksy affair. The atmosphere draws in talents to entertain those looking for an easy going jeans and T-Shirt type gig. See if you can enter the garden and keep it a secret.

The Brink hosts talent on the edge of stardom

This venue is not for all as it is famously a dry bar. Dry to welcome those of an intelligent and creative nature, and to promote a healthier community, The Brink are on the edge of a new frontier. The light and airy dynamic space lends itself well to performances. Hosting Open MIC evenings and nights specifically dedicated to the young musicians of Liverpool, you are not likely to miss a new up and coming talent here. The bar itself supports the local community in more avenues than just music, but you can guarantee if there is a talent worth showcasing it will be shown here.

Submerge yourself into Liverpool’s musical history by a visit to anyone of these venues, discovering a new act and helping promote their rise to fame or enjoy an existing talent, as well as a nice beverage or meal.

All the above venues are within easy reach from Signature Living’s city centre accommodations. Stay the night and include a gig or stay the weekend and fit a few in make your own personal city centre festival. Call our reservations team to find out what we have available on 0151 459 4101 or email


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