27 Signs Payday Can’t Come Any Sooner

We don’t mean to be dramatic or anything but it’s been about 32 weeks since our last payday and the month isn’t even over yet. We’ve had it.

We think we speak for everybody when we say that this adulting lark isn’t for us. If you’re like us and end up in the same position each month, you’ll understand the struggle.

1. You start trying to sell everything you own

Who even needs an oven? Can you flog a kidney on eBay?

2. Only ordering tap water at your mate’s birthday meal

How dare they be born at the end of the month. So selfish.

3. Frantically typing “medical trials Liverpool” into Google

On second thoughts, you might need that kidney back.

4. You’ve become at least 60% Koka Noodle

Our Lord and Saviour.

5. You’ll take anything Pound Bakery is offering  

They’re all out of sausage rolls and you’re not sure if an iced bun will keep you going ‘til tomorrow but you’ll damn well try.

What! they have chicken nuggets now – game changer.

6. Contactless payments are sacred currency

Those 3 days before payday are specially reserved for denial and acting like all those transactions aren’t gonna hit you like a ton of bricks.

7. Your weekend plans have changed considerably

19 Signs Payday Can't Come Any Sooner

They currently consist of having deep chats with the cat, pretending Ribena is wine and creepily watching other people live their best lives on Instagram.

8. You start getting the 82 to work instead of an Alpha

19 Signs Payday Can't Come Any Sooner

At this point, you’re also considering walking to work. You could do with a pleasant 7-mile stroll at 5 in the morning. Oh, it’s raining? Well, you can’t afford hot water right now anyway. Count your blessings.

9. You’re considering selling your life story to Take a Break

Get those creative juices flowing and convince them your fella cheated on you with your Henry Hoover. Worth a shot.

10. The prospect of spending the week at your Ma’s seems more appealing than ever

Free breakfasts, lunches and hot dinners. There’s even toilet roll! Love you mum. See you this time next month.

11. Crying

It’s free, isn’t it?

12. You’ve found a new passion for cooking. Sort of.

19 Signs Payday Can't Come Any Sooner

Go on Gordon, hit ‘em with the delicious spaghetti hoop and instant-mash-you-found-at-the-back-of-the-cupboard combo. The dregs of those frozen peas would pair beautifully with that single can of tuna, wouldn’t they?

Bean and rice cake surprise? *chef’s kiss*

13. Convincing yourself you’ve been a victim of fraud

Is it possible to rob yourself?

14. …only to remember buying everyone a round in Alma de Cuba

Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight, don’t blame it on the good times – blame it on the petal drop.

15. You’ve forgotten – again – what direct debits are

19 Signs Payday Can't Come Any Sooner

You had some money. Now you don’t. What kind of sorcery is this?

16. Checking all your coat pockets for loose change

Now comes the challenge of paying for things with coppers and 5p’s at the self-checkout. Nobody should wait 5 minutes for you to pay for a bag of Wotsits.

17. Supergluing your acrylics back on until you can afford infills

19 Signs Payday Can't Come Any Sooner

Little fingernail hanging on by a thread? Have no fear! Just try not to stick your hands together. We love a DIY queen!

18. Telling yourself it’s going to be different next month

You’ve created a colour coded spreadsheet and everything. That budget won’t know what’s hit it.

19. Then treating yo’self to a new wardrobe from Zara the next day

19 Signs Payday Can't Come Any Sooner

Wait. Rent is still a thing?

20. Your lunch is now a concoction of whatever’s in the back of your cupboards

Chicken cup-a-soup with a side of kidney beans and some moody looking biscuits for lunch anyone? No, I didn’t think so.


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21. You’ve started to try and outdo your mates in terms of brokeness 

“You’ll never guess what, I’m £300 into my overdraft and I owe me ma a tenner until payday.”

“Oh is that it, I’ve only got £4.68 to last me 19 days, I’m auctioning my kidney on eBay and I’m featuring in the next episode of Can’t Pay? Take It Away!”

22. You’ve been dreaming about what you’re going to do when payday comes

You’re gonna leave the house, you’re gonna go to the pictures and not smuggle in your own sweets, you’re gonna stop bunking on the bus – you’re gonna do everything! For a week or two at least.

23. Forget about lunch, teatime has now become a game of freezer roulette 

What’s in that mysterious looking bag poking out through the ice in your freezer? Whatever it is, we’re sure it’ll be delicious.

24. You’ve even resorted to stamping the date on your own bus pass

That’s right, things have got that bad that you’ve went to the trouble of changing that 7 to a dubious looking 8 on your bus pass with a sharpie.

You now feel like a criminal and you’ve convinced yourself that you’ll pay the bus driver back come payday. But trust us, you won’t.

25. Cabin fever is a real thing 

Can you name every guest who’s been on The One Show for the past two weeks in alphabetical order? No, I didn’t think so.

26. That dubious looking vodka from Kazakhstan is starting to look appealing 

What does ‘vodka al freskuese’ mean? how long has this been here for? Can vodka go stale? These are the questions you’ll be googling before turning to your mate and saying: “how bad can it be?

27. And what makes it worse is that you boomeranged yourself drinking it

Don’t panic, vodka from Kazakhstan looks just like pink gin.

You did it!

By some means – God knows how – we seem to have made it to the end of the month. And, we’re still alive!

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