Let The Games Begin | Book a Stag and Hen Party with The Romans

For over 10 years Signature Living have excelled in delivering the ultimate stag and hen party breaks. We’ve tailor-made the perfect party accommodation in the heart of the city to host the wildest weekends and now we’ve found an amazing activity park that’s just as wild as us.

Enter The Romans

A one of kind event you won’t find anywhere else, The Romans is a clever combination of the eccentric Takeshi’s Castle and the awesome action from the 90s TV show, Gladiators.

When booking with The Romans, hen and stag parties are challenged to a series of 8 games, including one where they milk a goat, and another where they wrestle opponents out of a pit.

The Romans Creator, Joe Clarke, gleaned inspiration from the day to day lives of our ancient brethren, as well as the grand games that took place inside huge purpose-built amphitheatres for public entertainment.

“The games bring back to life all the bizarre & eccentric traditions of The Romans in a round robin tournament full of excitement and drama. You won’t find an experience like this anywhere else!”. Joe Clarke

This pioneering adult activity camp is the first of its kind in the UK, specially designed to host the ultimate hen and stag party in Liverpool.

We at Signature Living say, “it’s about time!”.

Gather your troops and enjoy doing something a little different for your stag and hen party in Liverpool, by booking your pre-wedding weekend with The Romans and Signature Living.

What to Expect

Don’t worry you won’t just be thrown into the ring and offered up as Gladiator fodder!

The Romans offer plenty of safe activities that are as competitive as they are silly, and tonnes of fun stuff included as well as a selection of exciting characters to meet along the way.

Walking around the arena throughout the day will be Roman Soldiers, whose armour glistens in the sun, the Druid Warriors who certainly mean business and Roman Empresses who are there to rule. All ready and waiting to take posed pictures with groups at any point of the day.

Capture perfect memories of your hen and stag party in Liverpool at The Romans with terrific team photos and staged selfies taken within the arena.

Also, have a blast watching your closest friends and family unleash their inner warrior during an epic day of amazing activities.

Each visit to The Romans includes;

  • War paint, to make you all pretty
  • Toga hire, so you all look the part
  • A team photo to take away
  • Your very own Roman activity guide
  • Access to the on-site bar
  • Selfie opportunities at any of the six selfie stations
  • Two hours of non-stop Roman action

Let the games begin and start planning your hen and stag party at Signature Living with The Romans for 2019.

Accommodation Fit for the Gods

After spending a day living the life of a rugged Roman, you’ll no doubt deserve a luxurious stay at Signature Living.

Luckily all our party hotel accommodation is fit for the gods.

At Signature Living our party accommodation has been designed to accommodate stag and hen parties, providing them with unimaginable hotel experiences. Now teaming up with The Romans we can guarantee a fun-filled stag and hen party weekend where you’ll make superb memories that will go down in the history books.

Call 0151 459 4101 or email info@signatureliving.co.uk to arrange your stay or check out our amazing stag and hen party packages here.

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