10 Stag Do Fancy Dress Ideas for Unforgettable Stag Parties in Liverpool

So you’ll be spending your stag do in Liverpool and right now you’re contemplating what lies ahead. If you’re stuck deciding the theme of your evening we’ve put together a list of the best stag do fancy dress ideas that are stylish, hilarious and memorable.

Simply select your favourite from the list and see what else Signature Living might have in store to complete your stag night in Liverpool. From the perfect themed accommodation to match your outfits to the best offers for a fabulous boys night out in Liverpool.

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Funny Stag Do Fancy Dress Ideas

The groom-to-be’s best man may be his very best friend or even his brother but on this stag night in Liverpool, he is his opponent.

He was put on this earth to make sure this stag night is epic for everyone and as embarrassing as possible for the groom-to-be.

So, we thought we’d lend him a helping hand by suggesting some of the most embarrassing and hilarious stag do fancy dress ideas we could think of.

Stags in Drag

No matter how you guys plan to pull this one off, there’s nothing funnier than a group of guys in drag.

Leave looking gorgeous to the professionals and simply get your groom-to-be glammed up to the nines in the frilliest get up you can find then follow suit.

Choose from;

  • Naughty school girls
  • Fairytale Princesses
  • Superheroes and Villains (the ladies)
  • Or simply don your best lady look

These drag stag do fancy dress ideas are ideal for some laughs and unforgettable memories of a great “girls” night out in Liverpool.

Either our Burlesque or Sex and the City party floors would be the ideal accompaniment for a group of drag stags looking for ladylike accommodation in the city centre.

Go Vintage

Back in the day gents were gents but they still knew how to show their groom-to-be a great time.

Take these dapper chaps who had their stag party on the beach.

Gents on the town - stag do fancy dress ideas

They didn’t let the coastal weather stop them from looking their best with the tallest top hats and fetching swimwear.

Today these hunky gents would love to take a dip in one of our excellent pool party rooms perfect for hosting the best stag parties in Liverpool.

The Hunt

Your groom-to-be’s single lady hunting days are over so why not make him the subject of the hunt instead.

This traditional yet contrvoersial group costume is one of our funniest stag do fancy dress ideas yet.

The groom-to-be will be tucking his tail between his legs before the night is out after you guys have chased him around all the best bars and clubs in town.

Farmers and Their Livestock

Another of our stag do fancy dress ideas to involve the groom-to-be donning an animal get up.

This time you guys are the farmers and your groom-to-be is the livestock.

In our example, we’ve used a cow but the choice is yours, just run through the lyrics of ‘Old MacDonald’ and stop at the one you think will bring the most laughs.

These amazing stag do fancy dress ideas guarantee laughs all night long. Let your groom-to-be remember his last night as a single man, out with the lads being utterly humiliated.

Honest he’ll thank you years down the line . . . we think?!

Stylish Stag D0 Fancy Dress Ideas

Sometimes it isn’t necessary, or possible, to humiliate your groom-to-be on his stag do!

Nonetheless, you still want to make a splash on your stag night out in Liverpool

Here we’ve found a selection of stag do fancy dress ideas that are perfect for more stylish among you.

Peaky Blinders

This fashionable TV show has proven a hit all over the UK, and in Liverpool, there’s even a Peaky Blinders Bar!

Is it any wonder with an all-star cast, clever story and stunningly stylish wardrobe.

Pop on your flat cap, wool waistcoat, pocket watch and crisp white shirt to enjoy a night living the life of a Peaky Blinder in Liverpool.

Wacky Suits

Some guys are so sharp they’ll only ever wear a suit on a night out.

If your groom-to-be is one of these gents then why not arrange to spend his stag night out in Liverpool wearing one of the most eye-catching ensembles ever made.

Whacky suits - stag do fancy dress ideas

These wonderfully wacky suits will get you noticed without too much embarrassment for the groom-to-be and will make for some incredible photos of his last night of freedom.


If the groom-to-be is a fan of the Godfather, Goodfellows, Bugsy Malone and all things gangster related why not theme his stag do fancy dress around gangsters of the past?

Gangsters - stag do fancy dress ideas
source: Pinterest

Pick our a few pinstripe suits, the shinest paintent leather shoes and a dashing fedora or two to complete the whole gangster look.

Our Casino Penthouse is themed around the hit movie starring Robert De Niro, the father of all gangster movies. Perfect for any gangster themed stag party in Liverpool

Movie themed stag do fancy dress ideas

Our marvellous movie-themed hotel was inspired by our love of all things film.

The Hangover room, the Bond Duplex and three whole floors at Arthouse Hotel are themed around the worlds most well-loved movies.

For the movie-loving groom-to-be, we’ve picked out some of the top stag do fancy dress ideas he’ll simply love.

Super Heroes

Marvel masterpieces were first loved in comics and now make their way onto our cinema screens regularly.

Pick out your favourite Avengers and vigilantes and spend a stag night in Liverpool as one of the worlds most powerful men.

Just make sure the groom-to-be gets his first choice after all he is the man of the hour.

Star Wars

There isn’t a lad alive today who doesn’t adore Star Wars and with the recent resurgence in new releases, generations to come will feel the same.

Make your groom-to-be’s stag do as timeless as these blockbusting movies by dressing him up as Princess Leia and you guys can all be his captive storm-troopers.

This way he’ll stand out from the crowd as the centre of attention, the way its supposed to be for any man celebrating his upcoming marriage.


This is one of the more bold and daring stag do fancy dress ideas on our list. Only for the brave and confident among you.

Get ready to bare all but your bum cheeks in this unforgiving ensemble as you follow your version of Gerard Butler into the night.

There’s nowhere to hide in the 300 fancy dress apart from behind your shield.

“No retreat no surrender a new age has begun”

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