How to Survive Stag Weekends in Liverpool with Signature Living

The best stag weekends are spent in Liverpool with Signature Living.

We are experts at providing stags with everything they need for the most memorable nights and days in the city.

Because of our infinite experience we’ve created a list of essential tips and advice on how the groom and his stags can survive stag weekends in Liverpool.

Read on and take note guys, we know what we’re talking about.

We’ll start with some drinking tips

Drinking tips- stag weekends in Liverpool

Our generation certainly knows how to enjoy a drink or two but your body is a temple and to prevent that temple from crashing down here’s some sage advice to take with you before any big night out on the tiles.

Alternate between beer and water – especially in Liverpool where the craft ale revolution is in full swing and there’s some seriously potent stuff out there.

Eat a big meal before you hit the town – either grab yourself a Shankly Burger or swing by Alma de Cuba for a Pincho Colgante (or hanging kebab to you and me)

Don’t compete with the guy who lives in the pub – you may think you can take him on but he has been training for this moment all his life and will no doubt drink you under the table.

Eat before bed – luckily you can pick up some midnight munchies at The Bastion Bar and Restaurant or one of the fine dining establishments in Liverpool such as the infamous Nazby’s, Liverpool’s proven counter hangover cure.

Who to include?

Take the big man with you – be sure to include ‘Big Dave’ or ‘Big John’ in your party because if the man of the hour should fall at the first hurdle you’ll have someone to carry him back to his luxury hotel suite with ease.

Have a designated dude – there is always one guy you can count on to keep things kosher. Make sure this guy is part of your stag party as you’ll thank him when you wake up in your Signature Living Hotel room instead of a peddle boat on the Mersey River.

Be sure to invite the missus’ family – you might not consider them your best mates but having the future father and brother-in-laws in attendance guarantee the big day will go smoothly and the best man will behave himself.

After all, you’ll be family soon.

Accountants and Dr’s are useful – if you know some fellas who practice either profession keep them close. When the bill comes after the huge meal you’ve just scoffed an accountant will make sure everyone pays their fair share and Dr’s are useful for many a thing, in main how to help you feel human after the big night out.

Control your best man

If you’ve picked the right guy then things should play out fun, amusing and only mildly humiliating on your stag weekend in Liverpool.

One thing you have to remember is that during stag weekends you, the groom, will find the biggest and most formidable opponent is your best man.

His only goal in life for this weekend is to make sure you and the other guys in the group remember this as the ultimate stag party weekend, for ever.

Set the boundaries – there’s a level of control you have as the groom. However small and insignificant it may seem to the best man.

If you warn the best man of your intentions to not take things to far he may abide by your reasoning . . . or he could be spurred on by that “talking to” you gave him and take things to entirely new levels of stupidity and humiliation.

What comes around goes around – remember Karma is a wonderful thing

Think back to when you were your best man’s best man.

What comes to mind?

If it involved the gratuitous nudity of your best man and a night that culminated in his shame and disgrace be prepared to reap what you sowed.

Your best man will be out to get you, be warned.

Take matters into your own hands – remove the best man’s power by making this the classiest of stag weekends

Choose adventure stag weekends instead of an ultimate booze up and take the opportunity to be with your best mates and have some good clean sporting fun.

Here some fun and stupid stag do activities you can get up to in Liverpool.

Party like gentleman – our stag do packages are perfect for keeping things classy on stag weekends in Liverpool.

We’ve got everything from gentleman’s club nights, rum and whiskey tasting events and VIP booths in upscale Liverpool establishments. The perfect way to avoid being shaved, spray painted and left chained to Albert dock the day before your wedding.

Packing essentials

When spending stag weekends at Signature Living you’ll find everything you need in your party apartment or suite.

We’ll even supply you guys with buckets of chilled beers on arrival and have plenty of great places to eat day and night.

What we don’t have is spare undies, socks and medical kits so bring the following with you;

Spare clothes – you may have packed well but you can bet at some point during your stag weekend a prankster in your party will steal your clothes and leave you with nothing but a tutu and fairy wings for the night.

Surprise them by whipping out a secretly stashed outfit from your soap bag.

Get an ID tag made – if you are found lost, alone and scared your ID tag should include your name and the address of your Signature Living accommodation, as well as the best man’s number.

Just in case.

Hangover essentials – we’re all a bit different when it comes to what makes us feel normal again after a heavy night. Some like power drinks, for others it’s a fry up and a berroca.

Whatever revives you after a heavy night makes sure you pack it.

Emergency cash – there’s always a reason to carry an emergency £20.

– Pay the taxi man to take you back to the hotel, even if you are only around the corner you can’t remember where it is.

– Funds for that late-night Nazby’s kebab, Bastion Bar pizza or local chippy.

– Forget its there until the following day then remembers and buy flowers or chocolates for your bride-to-be, showing her what a thoughtful hubby you’ll be and that you were thinking of her the whole weekend.


Book the best stag weekends with Signature Living

Not only are we the best stag party hotel in Liverpool we also care very deeply about all you guys and want to make sure you and the lads have an unforgettable time during your stay.

Our large group accommodation is luxurious, quirky and comfortable ideal for a group of stags staying together. With huge en-suite bathrooms, bar space, fridges, comfy double beds and flat screen TV’s, what more could you need.

Also, our Liverpool bars and restaurants are perfect for the biggest belly bursting breakfasts, grabbing a pint and watching the match or sitting down to a delicious group meal before making your way to the club.

In short, we’ve thought of everything to make stag weekends in Liverpool unforgettable.

After you’ve run through our survival guide its time to book your stag weekend with Signature Living.

Call 0151 459 4101 or email and get going.

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