The Inspiration Behind Signature Living’s Wonderland

Signature Living has created yet another fabulously themed room in one of their hotels in Liverpool city centre for a group accommodation party experience to remember.

Have you always wanted to follow the white rabbit to see where he will take you? Today he’s on his way to Signature Living’s Wonderland, follow us and fall down the rabbit hole, into our extravagant Wonderland Suite.

You and your guests will be transported into Lewis Carroll’s classic tale of Alice and Wonderland. Enter a realm of wonderment, with furniture on the ceiling and huge overhead mirrors giving a sense of a room within a room. Tiny bottles labelled Drink Me and boxes reminiscent of the Eat Me cookie box in the Disney adaptation of the famous novel, you and your guests can become part of the magic.

Four plush double beds and a comfortable hidden single bed sleep 9 guests in total; a perfect party apartment nestled within a luxury hotel. Also, the suite contains a fully equipped kitchenette and opulent bathroom suite, including a double whirlpool bath. Wonderland is your home away from home with a lot of something extra.


The Story of Alice and Wonderland

The theme of Alice and Wonderland has always been speculated at. The author, Lewis Carroll, stated the character of Alice was based on a pupil of his who used to frequent his company. The imaginative daughter of the Dean of the school at which he taught lessons of maths and English. Her childlike adventures inspired the story that has stood the test of time.

The other-worldly tone the tale possesses has kept interest alive throughout decades. The theme of Alice and Wonderland offering a sense of escapism to the reader, rife with intrigue and curiosities. Where else could one meet a hookah smoking caterpillar who recites verse, or attend a tea party with the Mad Hatter? The furthest realms of imagination could not conceive the twisted world of Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland, and Signature Living has made this world tangible through their adaption of that tale to the Wonderland suite.

Is it possible that Carroll could have concocted this Wonderland to escape his own restrictive world of scholarly boundaries? We shall never know. It is, however, this underlying tone of mystery and intrigue that is a source of fascination, capturing the attention of readers for decades, and lending itself well to Signature Living’s theme of those curiosities unexplained.

Only the boundaries of your imagination can limit the fun to be had here in Wonderland, so take a leap and be curious, just like Alice.

To book your stay call 0151 601 8801 or email, and begin your trip to Wonderland.

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