The Signature Living Guide to Surviving Christmas

The Christmas season is filled with cheer, gifts, tinsel, a little too much wine and a sprinkle of stress!

It’s the one time of year where you can’t escape dodgy opinions at the dinner table or communal TV watching.

So at Signature Living, we thought we’d help make the Christmas season a little more smooth with a guide to surviving Christmas.

The Signature Living Guide to Surviving Christmas

Start off the day feeling fresh

The phrase “start as you mean to go on” simply doesn’t apply when it comes to Christmas day!

Getting up early, wanting to look your best, greeting family members, making small talk, stomaching Christmas dinner…

If can manage all of that when you’re  hungover, then we’re impressed but we wouldn’t recommend it!

It’s probably best to give that “I’m never drinking again” dread a miss.

Come prepared with great gifts

It doesn’t hurt to come prepared with gifts that you’ve actually put some thought into. That means no last minute shopping!

Yes, you may receive five new pairs of socks or bath bombs for the bath you don’t have, but at least you’ll feel good about giving.

And though we’re all partial to a present or two, giving is what it’s all about…sort of!

Keep things (very) light at the dinner table

It goes without saying that Christmas Day isn’t time for that worldly debate or taking a turbulent trip down memory lane.

Sooo maybe leave Brexit and Boris Johnson’s hair out of it and engage in some good old fashioned small talk…

How’s the cat? How are the kids? Quite chilly out there isn’t it?

Need a distraction? It could be time for the board games

Yep, you may have an iPad that’s all shiny and new…but has it ever saved Christmas Day?

You can always rely on dusting off an old board game to bring the family together.

Let your competitive side run wild with Monopoly or dig out some Cluedo, you can’t go far wrong after all.

And some wine…but maybe not ALL the wine

By now (if not before) it’s probably time for some booze…

If you can’t let loose at Christmas, then when can you?

So pour that glass of wine with pride, sit back, relax and give yourself a well done for getting this far!

Count on Buddy the Elf to keep spirits merry

Everyone loves Elf! And if they don’t, it may be time to kindly show to them door…

Wind down from a busy day of merriment and madness with a true Christmas favourite.

You’d be a cotton-headed ninny muggins not to!

When in doubt, just walk it out

A post-Christmas dinner nap is always necessary…but why not avoid the evening slump with a festive stroll?

Take a breather and make the most of the cold and crisp winter weather outside.

There’s nothing better than wrapping up with a cosy scarf and gloves followed by a hot chocolate.

Call a friend to save the day

If it’s all going pear-shaped, get by with a little help from your friends.

Whether you give them a call or invite them over for a glass of bubbly, you won’t regret it!

Tuck in to tasty treats and fill each other in your day for the perfect evening.

Remember, Christmas only comes once a year!

And remember, Christmas only comes round once a year!

Though it may have had its imperfections, you’ll be counting down to the next when it’s been and gone.

So embrace the best of the festive season, dress to impress and certainly sing a carol or two.

No matter how stressful it may be, it’s the most wonderful time of the year…

Christmas at Signature Living

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