Our Top 10 Hen Night Fancy Dress Themes 2019

Every Hen Party needs to be memorable and one way to do this is to ensure that you and your ladies are dressed to impress. A hen party fancy dress theme is not always an easy one to come up with, as lots of things have been done to death.

Whether it’s classic or an innovation, your theme is only complete when everybody commits and does so with style.

Allow us to provide some inspiration for your dress up antics from Liverpool’s most popular hen party accommodation provider: Signature Living.

Playboy Bunnies

Give the Playboy Bunny look a playful twist in 2019 for the perfect hen party fancy dress theme.

Playboy Bunny - hen party fancy dress

Take the classic look of a cottontail, corset, tights and floppy ears but add a current, modern twist such as the Marvel Superheroes or fairytale Disney Princesses.

There’s even been Pokemon Playboy Bunny spotted? Gotta catch ’em all!

Not something you see every day but still a one of a kind idea for your hen party fancy dress theme.

Grab a Granny

The days when hen party fancy dress themes were based upon glamour and style are dwindling fast. Today the aim of the game is to have a laugh with your girls and enjoy a night of fun in female company.

What better way to shake off any sexy stereotypes than by dressing up like a Granny!

Of course, we know grandmas still be styling (hello Iris Apfel) but we’re talking blue rinse, hair scarves, strings of pearls, wrinkly stockings and crocs!

See who can pull off the best grab a granny hen party fancy dress, and channel the granny style icons of our time aka. Mrs Doubtfire, Dot Cotton and Mrs Merton for your look.

Flappers (still styling)

We simply cannot let go of this trend and for good reason.

Flappers - hen party fancy dress theme

The stylish flapper girl will always be a firm favourite in our hen party fancy dress guides and, it seems, other hen parties across the globe.

The embellished fringed dresses, bejewelled head bands, elbow length gloves and dark 20s make up, simply looks sensational.

This is a hen party fancy dress theme that is suited to the young or old, slim or curvy, shy or outrageous ladies. Ideal for large groups with a wide variety of hen party guests.

Ancient Goddesses

With TV series like The Vikings, Game of Thrones and Britannia taking over the airwaves, hen party fancy dress themes are being inspired by the strong and glamourous female characters and their style.

We’re seeing the stunning gowns of Daenerys Targaryen, the draped Togas of ancient times and wonderful warrior looks from Viking battlefields.

Pull out all the stops to achieve your ancient goddess hen party fancy dress, with long tresses, draped dresses and a fierce attitude that says “don’t mess with us, we’re on a hen do!”

Pyjama Parties

Instead of a wild night out, hen parties in Liverpool have started to enjoy epic girls nights in.

Think Pizza, Prosecco and Pyjama parties inside any of our amazing Signature Living party suites. You and the girls can enjoy an unforgettable girly night in any of our glamourous group hotel rooms, enjoying each other’s company, a few drinks and a whole lot of fun.

Choose the matchy-matchy look, super slinky satins, or bride and hen party PJ’s, for a comfortable and easy to achieve hen party fancy dress that’s fun and just a little nostalgic.

Naked T-Shirts

A new and hilarious hen party fancy dress trend we’ve seen kicking about town is the naked t-shirt. Cover-Up - hen party fancy dress

The kind of trashy T, that’s been worn all over the US by modest beachgoers who want to cover up in the sun.

This not too glamourous look can be paired with the equally trendy sun visor, big gulp travel cup, foam flip flops and garish sunglasses to nail that paired down beach chic that’s all the rage in 2019.

Pool Party Suits

Whether you are off to Marb’s for a long weekend or staying in one of our sensational Pool Party Rooms, the hen party bathing suit look is an essential packing item.

Grab the bride a gleaming white suite with Bride emblazoned across the front. Hens, you girls need tasteful onesies with hen party relevant slogans like bachelorette, bride tribe or squad and you are good to go.

Big hats on, inflatable doughnut or swan in hand, then line-up to pose poolside for pics at your wet and wild hen pool party in 2019.

Disney Princesses Gone Bad!

We’ve seen the Disney Princess look time and time again, but hows about the Disney Princess that’s fallen off the rails a bit.

Disney Princess gone bad - hen party fancy dress theme

Enter Disney Princesses gone bad, as the latest new and exciting hen party fancy dress trend.

Take your favourite Disney heroine and give her a bad ass makeover, transforming her into a glamazon of the times, a naughty rule breaker or a sassier version of her former self.

This hen party fancy dress is such fun as you can give any Disney Princess the “gone bad” treatment, taking mug shot selfies with funny slogans for fun memories of the night.

Burlesque Themed

It’s been years since Moulin Rogue the movie was released and even longer since the real thing opened up in the Bohemian streets of old Paris, but the Burlesque look is making a comeback.

Perfect for an unforgettable hen party fancy dress theme.

Even though less is usually more, when it comes to Burlesque, there are ways to accessorise your outfit to ensure you are wearing more than just your knickers and a corset.

Add a huge feather skirt, or ruched bustle to cover your derrière and why not channel our Liza from Cabaret, opting for the less showy version of the burlesque outfit, with simple black shorts, a waistcoat and jaunty bowler hat?


If there’s one mythical animal that has enjoyed the limelight these last few years, it’s the Unicorn. Up there with the very real sloths and llamas, the mythical Unicorn is one of the most utilised creatures of the twenty-teens.

Unicorns - hen party fancy dress

Find them on your water bottles, stationAry, coffee cups and nail art and now, Unicorn’s are even a favourite among hen party fancy dress themes.

Colour your hair with a rainbow of neon yes and stick a sparkling horn on your head and you are done. A quick makeover by dipping your head in a bucket of sequins and glitter and you’ll have nailed the Unicorn look and the prettiest hen party fancy dress.

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