Where to Share a Gorgeous Group Meal in Liverpool

When you are staying with the leading group accommodation provider in Liverpool, we want to make sure that the rest of your time in the city is as enjoyable as your hotel experience. Booking a group meal in Liverpool can sometimes be tough, so we’ve created a handy guide to the best restaurants in town that are perfect for sharing fantastic food.

See if there’s anything that tickles your taste buds below.

Carpathia Champagne Bar and Restaurant

Liverpool bar and restaurants - Carpathia

Set within the luxurious 30 James Street Hotel, Carpathia is the ideal place to enjoy a group meal in Liverpool. Named after the heroic RMS Carpathia which rescued the 705 Titanic survivors in 1912, this luxurious restaurant is an apt tribute to a fascinating slice of Liverpool’s maritime history.

A truly one of a kind venue, the restaurant decor mimics presidential dining rooms onboard luxury cruise liners and provides a dining experience with a spectacular view of the waterfront. Tuck into delicious food and sip on expertly mixed cocktails as you take in the stunning surroundings which are jam-packed with original artefacts from the RMS Carpathia ship.

For a group meal in Liverpool like no other, book your table at Carpathia here, and enjoy a menu that is made up of the finest food and seasonal ingredients, including a wide selection of delicious dishes adeptly prepared in a wondrous atmosphere.



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Maray is a fabulous restaurant if you and your group are searching for tasty plates of wonderful Mediterranean food that can be shared. This delicious eatery began life on Bold Street as a clothes shop. Now groups of guests can take their seats around a communal dining table and enjoy a selection of some of the finest food in Liverpool.

During the weekend, Maray becomes a hive of eating activity and if you’re not fussed about sharing a table with strangers, enjoy an evening of sharing falafel, koftas and whipped goat’s cheese with honey and thyme crisps.

From 12 – 5 pm, Monday – Friday, there’s a great group deal where you can order three plates for £12.50. Just order the entire menu if your group is big enough and try absolutely everything.

Santa Maluco


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If you’re looking for a more relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a group meal in Liverpool, check out Santa Maluco and eat as much pizza as possible with your friends. This amazing dining concept originated in the restaurants of Rio, a rodizio of pizzas giving diners the chance to sample whatever pie is ready at that moment.

Made using wood-burning kilns and a variety of unusual pizza toppings, including a deliciously sweet dessert pizza, the classic Margherita and the unique ‘What the Duck’ pizza that includes shredded duck, spring onions, cucumber, char sui and sesame seeds. Santa Maluco is the perfect place to share a meal together as a group.

If you’re looking for more pizza parlours in the city, check out our guide to where you can get the best pizzas in Liverpool.

Salthouse Bacaro

Inspired by the bacari of a working man’s Venice, Bacaro is a rustic dining space in the heart of Liverpool. The menu is made up of plates that were served to the workers of Venice during their lunch break. At Salt House Bacaro, there is a huge choice of cured meats, slow-cooked and braised delicacies and vegetarian dishes.

Each plate is no more than £8 so, for a group meal in Liverpool, you could simply order a range of dishes and nibble away at a leisurely pace, just like the Venetians of old would have done.

Alma de Cuba


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Arguably the most breathtaking restaurant interior in Liverpool, Alma de Cuba is the perfect venue for a group meal in Liverpool if you’re looking for that wow factor. Alma de Cuba is located within one of Liverpool’s most treasured buildings – St. Peters Catholic Church.

The unique menu is inspired by Cuban and Latin American influences, featuring exotic dishes that are perfect for sharing. Whether you’d prefer to enjoy the set menu, a Cuban-themed afternoon tea or a delicious brunch together as a group, Alma de Cuba is the perfect place to go.

Lucha Libre


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From Cuba to Mexico and into Lucha Libre we go, where a fantastic welcoming atmosphere that’s both rustic and intimate awaits. This quaint yet stylish restaurant has a quirky table layout that enables groups to come together and enjoy a feast of Mexican flavours.

Their tiny tostadas are ideal for sharing with a variety of topping options. Tacos come complete with lashings of Mexican goodness on top, and there’s even a sharing street food platter complete with every delicacy you can find – served by the street vendors of Mexico.

Order the entire menu of picky plates for a great group meal in Liverpool.

Sapporo Teppanyaki


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Take your seats and let the show commence at Sapporo Teppanyaki with your group of friends. Get ready to have your culinary mind blow by a team of talented chefs, tossing food high in the sky and into your mouth.

Seating is arranged so that you can interact with each other throughout the meal and, let’s not forget how amazing the food tastes. From the extensive sushi menu to the expertly cooked teppanyaki, this restaurant is up there for one of the most entertaining group meal destinations in Liverpool.



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The Indian food that we as a nation have come to know and love is a far cry from the authentic street food served in Mowgli. This amazing revelation of Indian cuisine has seen honest, classic dishes brought to the mouths of hungry diners in Liverpool.

The brains behind the operation, Nisha Katona, thought it necessary to educate our taste buds by using the age-old recipes she herself grew up on, made in the kitchens and from the street vendors in India.

Every dish is a combination of delightful flavours, aromas and colour that bring the senses alive. The Himalayan cheese on toast brings new meaning to a slab of cheddar on a piece of brown bread.

Book your group meal in Liverpool at Mowgli and enjoy the real taste of India.

Neon Jamon


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A delicious fusion of Catalan inspired cuisine, cosy lighting and a soulful soundtrack to enhance your dining experience, makes Neon Jamon the perfect place to share a group meal in Liverpool.

Enjoy a set group menu or choose from the extensive main menu and sit back, relax and unwind. Eat the way they do in Barcelona – at a leisurely pace and with a large glass of wine in hand.

Mulholland Singing Diner


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Located inside Arthouse Hotel, Mulholland Singing Diner is the perfect place for you and your friends to enjoy a fun-packed meal of American foods. This amazing American diner is bringing a sprinkle of stardust to Liverpool, one milkshake at a time.

From famous movie medleys to dazzling live performances, Disney hits and magical musical numbers, Mulholland is a great place for a movie-themed group meal in Liverpool.

Enjoy an ultimate sharing plater which includes, 8 chicken wings, 8 chicken strips, American ‘slaw, chips & dip, 6 onion rings and 4 charred corn. That said, you and your pals could order as much as you desire from the massive menu and pig out as a group.

Book your group meal in Liverpool at Mulholland Singing Diner here, and enjoy some home-cooked American cuisine.

Hanover Street Social


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Launched in August 2011, Hanover Street Social was designed with a more modern brasserie-style menu in mind. This quaint, cool and contemporary bistro is ideal for group dining.

A delicious fusion of food, Hanover Street Social, with its rustic decor and large circular tables is ideal for when you and your friends fancy a catch up over a delicious meal. Every dish is a combination of fabulous flavours, aromas and colour that tease and tingle the taste buds.

Get your friends together and enjoy a delicious group meal in Liverpool at Hanover Street Social.

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