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Another exciting Liverpool development is in the pipeline for Signature Living. Both the local and national media have a lot to talk about.

Restoring an historically prominent piece of Liverpool architecture

Signature Living - Home of the Titanic

Exciting plans have been been outlined at here.

We look forward to the accomplishing “sensitive restoration of the outstanding grade II listed building”. Certain to enhance the World Heritage waterfront experience for Liverpool’s growing tourism market.

White Star Line’s H.Q transformed into a 350 bed Titanic themed hotel

Local news report details on what our exciting new development will include. Read more here.

The key to restoration being to retain as many original feature so the beautiful building as possible. In particular Lawrence Kenwright aims to expose original steel framework put together by the same engineers who created the RMS Titanic. The desired effect being that off being inside a ship.

A up and coming Liverpool development that is already Wikipedia worthy

Albion house has long been striking part of the Liverpool World Heritage water front.

The unique construction of the building is completed in a stripe effect of red brick and white Portland stone. This effect allows Albion house to stand out against the surrounding structures.

Signature Living - Home of the Titanic entrance

Stunning castle like turrets and a prominent corner location provide Signature Living an amazing foundation to create a first class Liverpool hotel.

A new lease of life for the former White Star building

Expected to open in April 2014, Signature Living are anticipating the hotel to bring a huge influx of international tourism.

Already responsible for accommodating a huge portion of Liverpool tourists this next venture will expand Signature Living’s current 310 bed capacity by almost 50%.

For decades now Albion house has stood vacant, unused and neglected. A building with such a fascinating history and aesthetically appealing features is finally being put to good use.

The Signature Living style will be injected into the renovation whilst still retaining the pieces of the building that are historically relevant.

A theme to reflect an important piece of history

The story of the RMS Titanic is world renowned, made even more prominent by 1997 James Cameron’s epic movie, Titanic.

James Cameron Titanic

The story has a huge following of experts and those simply interested in the origin of the ship.

There is also a fascination with the lives of the passengers, many of whom where among the rich and famous. People crave further details and stories of those that foundered with the vessel and those that survived.

Albion house is already a landmark in the RMS Titanic’s history. It is recorded that hundreds of people gathered around the outside of the building after learning of RMS Titanic’s demise. Desperate for news of loved ones who were on board. The news of the number of lives lost was actually announced from a balcony of the building.

Looking forward to open day

We simply cannot wait to open the doors to this our latest addition to the Signature Living family. Our frequent guests already know how much we enjoy a theme.

The Titanic themed accommodation combined with a superb location has provided Signature Living an endless source of inspiration.

Keep an eye for for more of Signature Living in the news over the next few months.







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