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Forget an expensive night out on the tiles, Signature Living has what it takes to deliver a unsurpassed accommodation in Liverpool club experience thanks to our underground Vault.

Originally the vault of the old Masonic Bank, we have converted the area into an exclusive night club – which can also sleep up to 25 people in the nearby bedrooms.

The Vault spans over 2500 square ft and can house up to 75 people thanks to the spacious dance floor and bar area.

Away from the extraordinary night club scene, The Vault also offers the opportunity to turn the place into its very own entertainment centre with a large projector screen, DVD player and karaoke all available.

The Vault is something you’ll be telling all your friends and family about for years to come – this really is a unique experience not to be missed.

To enquire further about this club stay, call us on 0151 236 0166.

The Vault is Signature Living’s latest development, set in the basement of the Masonic Apart-hotel in Bold Street, it was once the vaults to the North West’s first Masonic Lodge, before becoming the Masonic’s Bank.

The Vault spans over 2500 square, if it used as a function room. It can also sleep up to 25 people, with the added capacity to accommodate another 50 people in our other apartments on the first floor.

If you are arranging any type of celebration such as a weeding or a birthday party then the Vault will serve as the ultimate Party venue.

You will have  your own bar, that you can stock your self, bringing the cost of your celebration to a much lower amount than you would pay if you were to book another venue, as they will charge you standard bar rates at say £3.50 for a single short, the cost of your short if you were to supply your own beverages would be considerably less. Signature can also supply you with your own waiters and D.J.

The Venue has been equipped with everything that could ever want and more, with a double whirlpool Sauna bathroom that is large enough to seat up to 20 people, 3 very large bedrooms all with en-suite, 4 x 50 inch plasma’s and surround sound.

With other function rooms you pay for the hire of the room and then you or your guests would pay a high rate for your drinks, but that is not the case at our new Function room, @ Signature Living all that you pay for is the beds and if each of your guests wish to stay the night rather than trying to get a cab home in the early hours all you have to do is collect their payments and the function room comes FREE.

Due to the fact that we are developing this venue we do not have any pictures for you to see, just this plan of how it functions, I have attached a video and pictures of our apartments in this development, to give you an understanding of just how stunning the Vault will be.

 The Vault will be available from the end of August 2012, please call 0151 236 0166 and let our team help you organise your celebrations.


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