The Cabins

The Cabins

The Vault Cabin, This Cabin has a walk in Vault and was the very Vault that stored the plans and documents, for the Titanic along with all of the White Star’s contacts and their cash reserves, sleeping up to 6 people, with a kitchen and dining area

RMS Britannic Cabin, built in 1914 as the largest ship in the World, was never used for its intended purpose, as its was used as a hospital ship during the first World War, sadly it was struck by a German mine in 1916 and shared the same fate as it’s sister ship the Titanic.

RMS Celtic Cabin, possibly the luckiest ship that the White Star ever built having been built in 1901, it survived mines, torpedoes and multiple collisions, only to run aground stranded in Cobh Ireland in 1928, at which point the insurance company decided to end it’s long career.

RMS Oceanic, the Oceanic built in 1899 was yet another ship commissioned by the White Star Company to be the largest ship in the World, it stayed in service for 15 years, running aground in 1914.

RMS Majestic, originally named the SS, Bismarck in 1914 made by the Germans to be the largest ship in existence she kept this status until 1935. The Majestic was given to the English government as war repatriations for the ships that were lost, and the Government gave the Majestic to The White Star Line Co.

RMS Arabic, built in 1902, by Harland and Wolfe, for another shipping Line, she was handed over to the White Star Line before completion due to financial difficulties. The Arabic, was used extensively for many years running out of Liverpool’s port, sadly the Arabic was sunk by a German U boat in 1915 the ship sank within 10 minutes, with the loss of 44 lives, 3 of them were American, this was to start the negotiations for America’s involvement into the first World War

SS Teutronic, built sailed for the first time in 1889 and was the last ship for the White Star Line Co to win the much coveted Blue Riband as the fastest ship to date, the Teutronic served her Company and Country giving 31 years to her cause.

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