The London Residence

The West End Suite, The West End in London has played host to many Titanic musicals such as the Unsinkable Molly Brown a well as the TitanicFleet Street Quarters, for many years Fleet street have had an affinity with the Titanic, here are some of the amazing stories to be shown by the pressA Night to Remember, Out of all of the films that have been produced about the Titanic. A Night to Remember, is known to be the one that is based on fact and better yet it was filmed in England

Milvena Dean Quarters, Milvena was the youngest person to be rescued from the Titanic she was also the last remaining person to survive, she lived until her 97th birthday. The main cast of the film and the director gave a small fortune to help Milvena pay her medical bills

Belgrave Square Suite, this dwelling was once Lord Pirrie’s home in one of London’s best address’s

Norman Shaw Suite, Norman Shaw, is one of the most celebrated architects that has ever come form our shores, The most famous building that he designed was Scotland Yard, which is what 30 James Street, was cloned upon. James street, managed to survive a a direct bombing by the German Luftwaffe, whilst all other buildings all around James Street were raised to the ground 30 James Street survived due to the steel columns that were at the forefront of modern building practices, due to Shaw’s architecture.

Thomas Ismay Quarters, Thomas Ismay, who at the tender age of 30 took control of the White Star Line, a brilliant business man, who had the respect of all who dealt with him, would set about to create of the largest shipping lines in the  World.

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