Oceanic Residence

Harland Suite, The Titanic and many more of the White Star vessels were constructed by the Harland Wolfe Co based in Belfast. Edward James Harland built this Company from the ground up, by the time of his death in 1895 Harland and Wolfe had become a major shipbuilder of international acclaim.

Wolfe Quarters, although Wolfe was to be asked by Harland to join him in his new venture, Wolfe’s family were to play a major part in the financing of the 3 sisters, Olympic, Titanic and Britannic, through his uncle the financier Gustav Schwabe.

Pirrie’s Suite, William James Pirrie, or Viscount Pirrie, will be known not only as the man who built the Titanic but also as the man who gave the idea to Bruce Ismay.

Oceanic Wedding Quarters, The Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, was the other name used for the White star company and also for the ground breaking vessel The Oceanic of 1870.

Port Quarters, The Port of Liverpool building, is one of the three Graces, and without doubt the most stunning of the three, It is also part of Liverpool’s UNESCO designated World Heritage Maritime Mercantile City. Designed in Edwardian Baroque style in the year 1907 Due to this rooms balcony it is the building that will demand your attention.

The Cunard Suite, The Cunard Line was the arch rival to the White Star Line, it is said that once Ismay built 30 James Street, within a couple of years he decided

Liver Suite, The Liver Building, is a grade 1 listed building, built in 1911 for the Royal Insurance group and is without doubt the most famous of the three due to the two liver birds that sit proudly on top of the two clock towers. Popular legend has it that while one giant bird looks out over the city to protect its people, the other bird looks out to sea at the new sailors coming in to port. This was the first major construction in Britain.

Andrew’s Suite, Thomas Andrews Junior, was an Irish businessman and shipbuilder; managing director and head of the drafting department for the shipbuilding company Harland and Wolff in Belfast, Ireland. Andrews was the naval architect in charge of the plans for the ocean liner RMS Titanic. He was traveling on board the Titanic

White Star Suite and Quarters, this is the Company that owned 30 James Street, and some of the most famous ships in the World including the  Titanic

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