Olympic Residence

The 400 Suite, this room signifies the yard in which the Olympic was created which was next to the Titanic in yard 401Violet Jessop Quarters, Possibly the luckiest or unluckiest, survivor of the Titanic disaster, The White Star Line created 3 vessels, Titanic, Olympic and the Britannic, the Titanic and the Britannic, both sank the Olympic had a very serious collision with the HMS Hawke and Violet was onboard all three vessels and managed to survive all three.

Dazzle Quarters, The Olympic would be an obvious target for any u-boat and so she was painted with a dazzle design as a form of camouflage

Hawke Quarters, H.M.S. Hawke collided with the RMS Olympic the sister ship to the Titanic, this collision was deemed the fault of Captain Smith who was the captain of the Titanic on that fatal night, not only did the White Star lose a lot of lost revenue from this collision, it was also the start of a conspiracy theory which would stay with the Titanic story for many years

U-103, The U-103 Suite, In the early hours of 12 May 1918, U-103 prepared to launch torpedoes from her stern tubes at RMS Olympic, the sister ship of the ill- fated RMS Titanic, which was en route for France with US troops on board. The crew was unable to flood the two stern torpedo tubes, and the submarine was sighted on the surface by Olympic, whose gunners opened fire as Olympic turned to ram.

U-103 started to crash dive to 30 m (98 ft) and turned to a parallel course, but almost immediately afterwards was struck just aft of her conning tower and Olympic’s port propeller sliced through U-103’s pressure hull. The crew of U-103 blew her ballast tanks and scuttled and abandoned their sinking submarine.

Mutiny Suite, Olympic, like Titanic, did not carry enough lifeboats for everyone on board, and was hurriedly equipped with additional, second-hand collapsible lifeboats following her return to Britain. Toward the end of April 1912, as
she was about to sail from Southampton to New York, 284 of the ship’s firemen went on strike because of fears that the ship’s new collapsible lifeboats were not seaworthy. 100 non-union crew were hastily hired from Southampton as replacements, with more being hired from Liverpool.

Masquerade Quarters, these quarters represent what many people believe is one of the greatest switches in history, The Olympic suffered what some would say was a broken back, they believe that the Titanic and the Olympic identities were switched and that it was the badly damaged Olympic that settled at the bottom of the ocean in order to get their insurance

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