New York Residence

Liberty Suite, The White Star Line, created most of it’s wealth through it’s trans atlantic voyages to New York, the sight of the Statue of Liberty would create such an excitement onboard their ships as their passengers would know that they had finally reached New York.

Broadway Quarters, Over the years Broadway has played host to many Titanic productions such as the Unsinkable Molly Brown and the Titanic musical, the Unsinkable Molly Brown went on to be a Hollywood hit with Debbie Reynolds, being nominated fro best actress. The Titanic itself went on to have many reproductions, most notably, A Night to Remember and James Cameron’s Titanic.

Captain Rostron’s Quarters, Captain Rostron, who captained the Carpathia (Cunard) which was the ship that saved 710 lives from the Titanic. With no care for his or his crew’s safety he forced through icy waters dicing with the same fate that met the Titanic. He was awarded a Congressional Gold Medal by the U.S. Congress, and in 1926 was appointed Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. He rose to become the Commodore of the Cunard fleet, and retired in 1931.

Dorothy’s Quarters, One of Dorothy Gibson’s most famous screen roles was that of herself in Saved From the Titanic (1912), based on her experiences in the legendary disaster. Saved From the Titanic, released a month after the sinking, was the first of many films about the event. Although Saved From the Titanic was a tremendous success in America, Britain, and France[14] the only known prints were destroyed in a 1914 fire at the Éclair Studios. The loss of the motion picture is considered by film historians to be one of the greatest of the silent era. Dorothy Gibson was the highest paid movie actress in the world at the time of her premature retirement in May 1912.

Manhattan Turret Suite, Manhattan is the Port that the White Star and the Cunard Line used for their New York bound passengers, Pier 54 which was the Cunard Pier, was the Manhattan Pier that the Carpathia used after picking up 712 passengers from the ill fated Titanic.

Carpathia Suite, the Carpathia was not the closest ship to the Titanic, but it was the first to react, One of the most controversial issues examined by the inquiries was the role played by SS Californian, which had been only a few miles from Titanic but had not picked up her distress calls or responded to her signal rockets. It took 4 hours for the Carpathia to get to the Titanic, but it took just 2 hours fro the unsinkable ship to sink, over 1500 lives were lost leaving just over 700 lives that were saved by the Carpathia and Captain Rostron.

54 Suite, Port 54 was the port used by the Carpathia, the Carpathia and the port were both owned by Cunard, the media frenzy would change all of the survivors lives, some would never be the same again.

Randolph Hearst Quarters, Randolph Hearst, was the Rupert Murdoch of the day, he had known Ismay the Chairman of the White Star line who owned the Titanic, for sometime and did not care for him at all, this resulted in the American press creating a witch hunt against Mr Ismay, Mr Ismay retired his chairmanship due to obvious pressures in  1913

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